Protek Cargo provides cold chain protection solutions, offering a range of passive insulating products to reduce reliance on refrigerated units and provide financial and environmental benefits without compromising the integrity of temperature-sensitive shipments.

Our SureTemp® products are created using specifically engineered and researched materials to provide shipments with radiant, convection and conduction protection from both heat and cold. We offer a full line of insulating products for air freight, ground, intermodal and ocean transportation, ranging from single-pallet shipments to entire containers.

All Protek Cargo products are designed and manufactured in-house, offering quality assurance and competitive pricing. We study the science behind insulation and partner with research organisations to test ideas, products and practices for loading and shipping. Our engineering staff test all materials and final products extensively to guarantee efficiency.

High protection for cold chain pallets in extreme temperatures

The SureTemp Elite-Performance Embossed Metallised Pallet Cover offers high protection for products exposed to extreme temperatures during the shipping cycle. The pallet cover’s outer layer is made of reflective metallised film to protect against solar radiation. The embossed metallised film is fused with an advanced non-woven polyethylene terephthalate (PET) core insulation, which is sealed in by a layer of white PET.

The SureTemp Elite-Performance Embossed Metallised Pallet Cover is designed for products exposed to extreme temperatures.
The SureTemp Premium S Metallised Pallet Cover protects against temperature fluctuations due to heat conduction.
The SureTemp Premium-Performance Container Blanket's reflective outer layer protects against radiant heat transfer.
The SureTemp Transoceanic Container Liner is designed for full-container cold chain protection.

The pallet cover uses hollow-fibre insulation, SureTemp’s highest level of insulating material, placed between aluminium-coated non-woven polyester and white polyethylene layers. Non-woven polyester’s high tensile strength and tear-resistance give the product additional protection, durability and reusability.

Economical pallet covers for air and LTL shipments

SureTemp Premium S Metallised Pallet Covers are the most economical pallet covers that shippers turn to when looking to minimise temperature fluctuations and maintain the cold chain for air and less-than-load (LTL) shipments. The pallet covers are constructed of metallised aluminium film, laminated to air-filled polyethylene bubbles. The bubbles provide the necessary insulation to protect against temperature fluctuations due to heat conduction.

The Premium-grade covers are also ideal for mixed shipments, less than truckload carriers and airfreight forwarders. When individual pallets need temperature protection, these covers are the ideal one-way solution.

Passive temperature protection solutions for full truckloads

The SureTemp Premium-Performance Container Blanket, with single-bubble and metallised film, is our most economical passive temperature protection blanket for full truckload (FTL) top-load protection against heat and cold in your cold chain. It is designed to provide short-term protection of products against low-duration exposure to extreme temperatures during transit.

The outer layer of the blanket is made of reflective metallised film, which protects against radiant heat transfer. Inside is a high-grade single layer bubble insulation layer fused between clear polyethylene for strength.

Cold chain protection solutions for containers

The SureTemp Transoceanic Container Liner, with pure aluminium foil, is our most reliable passive temperature protection liner. Designed for full-container cold chain protection, the liner can safeguard your cargo from potential hazards that can occur during overseas shipping.

The outer layer of aluminium foil creates an effective radiant barrier, which is the best protection against both visible light and infrared radiation. Aluminium’s lower emissivity value makes this product an efficient and protective buffer against adverse temperatures.

This container liner is available in either a fully enclosed six-sided design or a bottomless five-sided design. Both designs come with a Velcro-sealed front-loading opening.