The SureTemp® Transoceanic Container Liner, with pure aluminium foil, is our most reliable passive temperature protection liner. Designed for full-container cold chain protection, the liner can safeguard your cargo from potential hazards that can occur during overseas shipping.

The outer layer of aluminium foil creates an effective radiant barrier, which is the best protection against both visible light and infrared radiation. Aluminium’s lower emissivity value makes this product an efficient and protective buffer against adverse temperatures.

This container liner is available in either a fully enclosed six-sided design or a bottomless five-sided design. Both designs come with a Velcro-sealed front-loading opening.

Why choose Container Liners?

Container liners are primarily used for transoceanic shipping. Container liners line the entire inside of a container allowing you to load cargo into the container while the liner is deployed. Container Liners are typically a one-time use product since the cargo is traveling around the world from port to port and cannot be retrieved at the receiving warehouse.