SureTemp® Premium S Metallised Pallet Covers are the most economical pallet covers that shippers turn to when looking to minimise temperature fluctuations and maintain the cold chain for air and less-than-load (LTL) shipments. The pallet covers are constructed of metallised aluminium film, laminated to air-filled polyethylene bubbles. The bubbles provide the necessary insulation to protect against temperature fluctuations due to heat conduction.

The Premium-grade covers are also ideal for mixed shipments, less than truckload carriers and air freight forwarders. When individual pallets need temperature protection, these covers are the ideal one-way solution.

Why choose Pallet Covers?

If you are shipping less than truckloads, you will want to use individual pallet covers to protect your load. Pallet covers are also used in mixed loads when some products need to stay frozen and others don’t. You can use a pallet cover in this instance as well to prevent loads from freezing. Pallet covers are also the best for protection since they are covering the entire pallet.