MEDELPHARM’s services accompany you in formulation, powder analysis and characterisation.

In 2017, the company opened its own laboratory in the heart of MEDELPHARM’s premises in Beynost, Lyon, France.

The laboratory is under a controlled atmosphere and provides the Styl’One Tableting Instrument, Smart test 50 and a Tablet and Mini Coater Drier, which are all necessary instruments to perform powder characterisation, solve production issues with existing formula, selection of tooling, and production of small batches, all in line with quality by design (QbD) rules.

No matter if your questions are linked to existing formula with production issues; the selection of tooling, powder characterisation; or the production of small batches, MEDELPHARM is at your disposal to accompany and support you with your exigent tasks.

The expertise and professional skill of the company’s experienced consultants and pharmacists are unique. Please feel invited to convince yourself of its wide competence.

Besides the classical pharmaceutical industry, MEDELPHARM has started working for other industries such as chemical, detergent, metal powder, explosives and radioactive powders.

The company assists these customers to improve the powder flow, machine design, process optimisation and small batch production.

Advanced compaction laboratory

MEDELPHARM’s laboratory is equipped with the latest technology multilayer STYL’One, which is equipped with 1µm resolution Sony transducers. It allows for a fast powder characterisation and compression analysis.

Being hosted by the School of Pharmacy of the Claude Bernard University of Lyon, MEDELPHARM opens the door to a wide range of analysis and studies.