Temperature Control Instruments

IKA offers a wide range of products for temperature control applications, which have high-precision and power.

From -30°C to 250°C, the temperature range of IKA’s temperature control products helps meet challenges including budgetary constraints. IKA also offers entry-level and high-end products for demanding requirements.

In addition to the above-average, industry-inspiring pressure and suction power, IKA’s devices are designed to be sustainable. The RC 2 basic and control models can be equipped with a smart compressor cooling.

An exclusive feature, remote control models are enabled through the WiCo wireless controller. The tempering systems are operated remotely and safely.


Regardless of the immersion circulators (models ICC and IC) or the heating bath circulators (models HBC 5 and 10), IKA’s products are reliable, safe, and work under powerful pressure and suction pumps. Large heating surfaces provide optimal heat exchange for temperatures up to 250°C.

Heating and cooling:

IKA has expanded its circulator portfolio by adding the combined refrigerated and heating circulators CBC 5 and HRC 2 devices (each available in basic and control versions). The temperature range is from -30°C to 200°C.


IKA is expanding its offering of highly efficient recirculating chillers by introducing the RC 5 basic and control in the Q1, 2017. These products are designed for powerful cooling performance, complementing the line by strong and compact chillers.