Thermo regulating units TCPU H E and TCPU HC E nowadays are also installed wherever a fine control of process temperatures is required.

Pharmaceutical or chemical reactors, mixers, filters, emulsifiers, spray dryers, wherever the processes need the right temperature level Tempco TREG unit can give the solution.

The range of thermo regulating units comprises capacities from 3Kw up to 250Kw, with different temperature range:

  • Water up to 90°C
  • Pressured superheated water up to 140°C
  • Diathermic thermal oil up to 200°C
  • Diathermic thermal oil up to 250°C
  • high temperature diathermic oil – up to 350°C

Special executions are also available, such as:

  • Explosion proof ATEX
  • Steam heating
  • double recycling pumps

Thermal oil units can also work with special synthetic oils.

Tempco has a long history of collaboration designing thermoregulation systems for any kind of industrial application, and is able today to offer a complete range of new Tempco Package Units, high standard quality or taylor made skid solutions dedicated to process services utilities.

The whole range of pre-assembled thermoregulation units can be developed as compliant to PED, ATEX, UL, EAC ecc. regulamentations, where requested.

Tempco Package Units TREG are skid mounted equipments designed for every thermostatation need, heating-cooling, evaporation and condensation with forced circulation, pre-condensing and vacuum applications. Industrial sectors such as food and beverages, chemical-pharmaceutical, textile, energy and manufacture can find the most suitable skid solution for every thermoregulation need.

Thanks to its long builded skills, Tempco’s Package Units are a smart and flexible solution for every industrial process thermoregulation application.

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