Decontamination systems for disease control

PRI Bio provides effluent decontamination systems for veterinary research and diagnostic labs, zoonotic research facilities, centers for disease control, pharmaceutical research and development (R&D), and manufacturing operations.

ThermoBatch™ is capable of handling both liquids and liquid / solid mixtures, making it one of the most versatile sterilisation technologies on the market. ThermoBatch™ easily adapts to the requirements of your waste stream and programme changes.

Key features:

  • World class experience, with more than 30 years of experience and 3,000 heat transfer systems currently in use in 25 countries
  • Maximum flexibility catering for any capacity from 100 gallons to more than 350,000 gallons a day
  • Highly configurable design that has scalable, redundant, and feature-rich options
  • Fully automated for unmanned operation and minimal maintenance
  • One of the largest installed base worldwide, including containment
  • Sterilization greater than 6Log10 reduction
  • Treatment of liquids and liquid/solid mix
  • Batch processing offers highest level of assurance
  • BSL-2 research labs through BSL-4 containment facilities
  • Widely accepted and easy validation protocols
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Effluent cooled prior to discharge
  • Sterile filter modules available
  • Internally agitated for efficiency