Asano Laboratories is a manufacturer of thermoforming machines for thermoplastic sheets.

Machines such as vacuum forming, pressure and vacuum forming, hot plate (contact) heating-type pressure forming machines, forming machine synchronised and combined with sheet extruder, test machines, trimming machines.

What is thermoforming?

Many food containers, blister packs, automobile components, home electric appliances and industrial trays in our daily life are made using a thermoforming process.

Thermoforming involves radiant heating, contact heating and hot air heating. Asano Laboratories deals with radiant heating and contact heating.

Radiant heating is the way that the heater transmits the infrared (IR) radiation to heat the plastic. This way of heating is suitable for items such as food containers, industrial trays, home appliances and automobile component.

Contact heating is using a hot plate to heat plastic. As the sheet is fixed between the mould and hot plate, this way of heating is suitable for the sheet, which shrinks deeply, or automobile components, which have high precision print.