Topical patches are developed to deliver drugs to a local site of action and can present for certain disease conditions major advantages over other drug delivery such as oral or traditional topical forms like gels or creams, among which:

  • More accurate dosing compared to a high drug load pill or a gel, potentially leading to fewer side effects
  • Controlled delivery to the site of action compared to an oral dosage form
  • Avoidance of multiple applications per day thanks to continued delivery compared to a gel or cream
  • Reduced risk of drug transfer / contamination to someone else’s skin or eyes compared to a gel or a cream

Similar to transdermal patches, topical patches are polymeric adhesive matrix, containing the drug substance and sandwiched between a backing film and a release liner. AdhexPharma also masters a specific technology offering unique advantages for certain molecules and applications called Impregnated Matrix Patch (IMP) technology.

Topical patches can be developed for a broad spectrum of therapeutic conditions, including pain, anaesthesia, dermal conditions and allergy.

AdhexPharma can help you whether you would be looking for a switch or a line extension from your existing drug product, or an alternative route for your product under development.