Ultra-low freezers, or ULTs, are freezers that can store contents at temperatures as low as -86°C. They are most used in laboratories, hospitals, and research labs to store highly thermosensitive samples and compounds such as genetic material for long durations. For example, biomedical research institutes make widespread use of them because of the extremely volatile nature of their samples, compounds, and final products. Recently, ultra-low freezers have seen more widespread adoption because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as some mRNA-based vaccines require long-term temperature storage of -70°C.

B Medical Systems offers a wide range of ultra-low freezers among its products, varying in storage capacity. Its most common model, the U701, with a gross volume of 791L, is ideal for hospitals, laboratories, universities, and research organisations which require a substantial storage space for their most thermosensitive samples and products.

The major feature offered by this ultra-low freezer is the flexibility in the operating temperature range as it can reliably store different products at temperatures between -86°C and -20°C, effectively allowing this model to also act as a normal medical freezer if required.