Sachet is a packaging format that meets the demands of consumers and manufacturers alike. Consumers appreciate the convenience sachets bring to their active lives and manufacturers understand that its convenience and dose accuracy lead to improved patient compliance.

Key benefits

  • Ideal packaging option for fill weights of 2g and larger
  • Convenience and portability
  • Ideal for formulas mixed in food or liquid
  • Poly/Alu construction for superior moisture and oxygen barriers
  • Extended shelf life and flavor retention
  • Ease of opening and pouring
  • Improved consumer compliance
  • Large marketing surfaces for branded or educational messages

Ropack Pharma Solutions’ sachet packaging and safety features

  • Powder, solid or liquid/cream fill
  • Filled under nitrogen ; under controlled humidity
  • Powder unit dose fill : 2 g to 150 g
  • Sachet width range : 54 mm to 120 mm
  • Single or double sachet formats
  • Solid fill : one or two different products per sachet
  • Liquid or cream fill : 1 ml to 70 ml
  • Sachet height range : 54 mm to 241 mm