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Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services

Ropack offers manufacturing and packaging services for solid oral dosage, warehousing and distribution.

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Ropack provides contract manufacturing and primary and secondary packaging for solid oral dosage, warehousing and distribution worldwide.

Our services support the vision of our customers, which include more than 90 leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare organisations in North America and Europe, by providing 100% customer satisfaction, reducing product launch timelines and expediting custom packaging requirements from clinical trials through scaling-up and commercial launches.

Comprehensive packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products

Ropack’s primary packaging services include blister packaging, stick-pack packaging, sachet and pouch filling, and bottle packaging for tablets, capsules and powders.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging facilities comply with current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and are licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada. We also hold a Natural Health Product license.

A validated system for exact filling of HDPE, PET and glass bottles with solid oral dose products. Bottles are sealed with induction seals, permaseals and child-resistant or senior-friendly caps.
Multiple formats including regular thermo-form, cold-formed and heat-resistant. Cards for promotional sampling, commercial distribution and clinical trials. Single and folding wallet cards.
Filling services for powder, solid, liquid and other dosage types. Pouch and sachet filling under nitrogen and pouch filling in a controlled-humidity environment available.
Production in low RH, temperature-controlled environment. Equipped to handle initial R&D, manage stability programs, create sales and marketing samples, perform scale-up and manufacture commercial production.
Ropack's contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services are designed to meet the exacting needs of our most important customer - you.

Ropack operates 241,000ft² of manufacturing space, including 35 class 100000 clean rooms in multiple state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal, Quebec. Our ample capacity brings operational and logistical efficiencies by running products on custom lines designed for shorter runs and quick changeovers, particularly for smaller Canadian market volumes.

Formulation development for the whole product lifecycle

If you’re bringing a product to market, or if you have a new idea or approach, Ropack is an ideal partner in pharmaceutical formulation development. Our experience, expertise and state-of-the-industry facilities help you bring your idea to life.

Our pharmaceutical formulation development services include proof of concept, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) characterisation, pre-formulation, formulation and process development, analytical method development, and Phase I and II clinical trial material manufacturing and packaging.

Contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical clients

Ropack’s pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services are carried out in cGMP-compliant and FDA-licensed facilities and our capabilities meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing services include powder blending, encapsulation or double encapsulation, clinical trial manufacturing and packaging (CTM), syringe assembly and vial labelling under brief excursion time, and packaging for temperature and humidity-sensitive materials at 20% relative humidity (RH).

Primary and secondary packaging capabilities

Ropack’s primary pharmaceutical packaging methods meet the highest quality and safety standards. Primary contract packaging options include stick-pack packaging at low RH, temperature-controlled environments; cold-formed blister packaging with senior-friendly and child-resistant options; pouch filling of powders, solid oral dosage and liquids, including pouch filling under nitrogen and pouch filling within controlled-humidity environments; and bottling of powder and solid dosages.

Secondary pharmaceutical packaging is another vital part of the preparation process. Ropack’s secondary pharmaceutical packaging services ensure that your products are ready for market on time.

We procure and establish specifications for printed packaging materials and can fulfil a range of secondary packaging requirements. We insert bottles, blisters, stick-packs, pouches and leaflets into cartons, and inspect barcodes and pharmacodes using scanning and vision systems.

Blisters are packaged in thermo-sealed cards and are also available in wallet format. Patient kits are assembled for clinical trials according to specified requirements. Ropack can also offer labelling, syringe assembly and vial labelling services.

Pharmaceutical product warehousing and distribution services

Ropack provides warehousing and distribution services for commercial products and clinical trial materials in North America and Europe. From secure, stable storage to reliable shipment and delivery services, we can provide invaluable help in managing your products.

We handle the reception of finished products and the issuing of reception reports, as well as clinical trial distribution management, clinical trial return management, and the management or destruction of returned materials from clinical trials.

Our warehouse has both ambient and cold storage capabilities (2°C to 8°C), and the minimum and maximum temperatures of the warehouse and refrigeration unit are documented. We have two vaults for controlled substances (level nine security), with daily, weekly, monthly or annual biometric access inventory reports available.

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