GE Healthcare knows that speed is important to you. That’s why it focuses on increasing productivity, optimizing protein quality and simplifying your operations right from the start.

The company’s featured products and solutions include single-use mixing systems, single-use bioreactor systems, and cell culture media and feeds.

Single-use mixing systems

GE Healthcare provides mixing solutions for the full spectrum of bioprocess applications, including:

  • Medium preparation in single-use workflows – Using single-use mixers to reconstitute cell culture medium powder helps to reduce the risk of contamination, decreases cleaning and validation costs and eliminates equipment sterilization steps. ReadyMate single-use connectors can be used for connectivity in closed system operations.
  • Virus inactivation using automated pH adjustment capability – The XDUO mixing system integrates a robust, single-use mixer with an onboard automation platform enabling process excellence. Accurate, automated pH adjustment in the XDUO mixer can eliminate risks caused by manual processes and simplify viral inactivation by containing, mixing, and monitoring the product while automating the pH adjustment steps.
  • Integration in automated chromatography column packing – In most scales, a dedicated stainless-steel tank will be the most versatile chromatography resin handling vessel. An XDM Quad Mixing System equipped with a 50l or 100l bag can be integrated into automated packing of chromatography columns and used as an alternative to stainless steel tanks.

Single-use bioreactor systems

GE Healthcare offers speed and flexibility in cell culture operations from process development to large-scale biomanufacturing, with benefits such as:

  • Increased facility utilization – Single-use equipment reduces the need for costly and time-consuming cleaning and validation procedures between batches. Due to the fast batch changeover procedure, a single-use fermentation strategy contributes to increased annual production capacity.
  • Flexibility in operations – Thinking about the key operational needs when implementing single-use technologies can pave the way for business success and efficiency. Allowing for quick startup and changeover between production campaigns, single-use technologies enable you to rapidly adapt to market needs.
  • Low capital investment cost – Compared with stainless steel equipment, the single-use alternative reduces annual capital investments due to a low upfront investment and the lower annual maintenance and qualification costs.
  • Decreased risk – Single-use bioreactors minimize contamination risk because all components that contact the process material are enclosed within disposable units. The reduced need for open handling also reduces the risk of contamination.

Cell culture media and feeds

GE Healthcare expediently achieves the growth, productivity and protein quality you need. It offers benefits such as:

  • Increased cell growth and productivity – Selection of the right cell culture medium is important to enhance bioprocess yields and deliver consistent protein quality. Media formulated for specific cell lines can increase process yields in industrial manufacturing of recombinant proteins and vaccines.
  • Optimized culture conditions to cell line-specific requirements – Off-the-shelf media and feeds tailored to specific cell lines allow for quick implementation of cell culture processes. Starting with the recommended protocol, culture conditions can easily be optimized for the specific cell clone to maximize process yield and ensure consistent protein quality.
  • Consistent process performance – Engineered medium and feed formulations allow easy scale-up while maintaining high titers and consistent product quality attributes. The chemically defined nature of ready-to-use media and feeds helps ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Support for regulatory readiness – Due to regulatory concerns with the use of animal-derived components in the production of biotherapeutics, chemically defined media is preferred to speed the registration and approval process for biologics by regulatory authorities.