UTS – Universal Tablet Testing System for In-Process Control

The well-known UTS 4.1 is a universal and fully automatic tablet testing system developed for industrial applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing with frequent quality control.

UTS 4.1 can be used as an IPC laboratory device or online monitoring device linked to a tablet press in continuous production areas.

Mostly, the UTS 4.1 (also known as Checkmaster or Tabcheck) is used for in-process control (measuring the tablets weight, thickness, diameter, length, width and hardness), connected to a tablet press.

The sampling process can be triggered by the tablet press or via PH21 software (21CFR part 11 compliant).

The Oblong Centering system (OZB) can be integrated for difficult tablet shapes. It enables oblong, oval, square and rectangular tablets and various special shapes to be tested.

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