Vision™ is an enterprise-grade, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that allows you to manage your mobile assets fast and effectively, with no software to install to get started.

Our latest iteration is built using HTML5 to provide a seamless user experience across a multitude of systems and devices.​

Vision Dashboard allows for fast access to view all assets on the move. Users can view current and historical location​s, get up-to-date sensor information​, view all devices, shipment and alerts​. It is easy to use ith intuitive status icons and colours​

Vision Shipments provides the tools necessary to define the route, way-points and sensor-based rules for each shipment and enable “management by exception”. Vision will send immediate alerts to defined stakeholders detailing the location and nature of any excursion.

If things go wrong, your people will be the first to know and have to information to make informed decisions.​ Users can configure shipments and alerts​, add multiple stops​, create shipment subscribers​, view data by AWB or BOL#​, view graph sensor data​ and generate shipment reports​.

Vision Geofencing and Routing features are an easy way to map your world. You can create unlimited perimeters around important locations and manage critical shipments through Vision’s geofencing and routing configuration tools.

Features include polygons, radial, and route geofencing​. Users can attach alerts, triggers and notifications​, add distance buffers to any route​, and personalise location names and routes​

Vision Rules is a powerful configuration tool that allows for monitoring by exception for any custom event including sensor conditions, status conditions and locations.  Choose from one or more sensors or location points to create unique alarms and take action fast.​

Users can create arrival and departure events​, set high and low threshold alerts, combine multiple sensor triggers​, configure alarm notification lists​ and configure and apply device commands​. The Vision Rules interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Vision provides total administrative control to users.  Supporting clients and sub-clients is easy using our account administration tools.​ Operators can configure user permissions, manage per-user access levels​ and allow subscriber notifications by event​

Not all users need access to the complete power of the Vision Platform. When stakeholders only need location and tracking information, the Vision Tracking Page allows you to provide them with a simple tracking number to quickly view information using an intuitive interface that gets them critical information fast. Data can be viewed without requiring login credentials or training.