Yaught services

O&S Shipping is the local representative for Sevenstar Yacht Transport and Peters and May in Malta.

Its expertise in cargo handling and market knowledge puts the company as an ideal choice for yacht owners who are looking at shipping, registration, and customs documentation services.

Sea Assist Services – EmergenSea

O&S Shipping is the exclusive representative and operator for the franchise EmergenSea in Malta. The Emergensea Mediterranean network consists of qualified and approved members offering help and logistics at sea through specialised marine crafts, equipment, and personnel.

The network permits members of Emergensea to enjoy the following free services or at reduced rates across the whole Mediterranean basin on a 24/7 basis:

  • Assistance at sea following a breakdown such as an engine system or electrical system failure
  • Transfers of crew
  • Delivery of replacement parts and fuel
  • Technical repairs
  • Diver services
  • Re-floating
  • Towage and salvage services

Ship, liner representation, and general agent services

Having worked with world renowned shipping lines, owners, and management companies for the past 14 years, O&S Shipping offers 24/7 dedicated ship and port agency services within and outside territorial waters.

Its dedicated sales, documentation, and operations team are supported by state-of-the-art software to provide a high-quality service to shipping lines, owners, managers, and chartering companies.

O&S’s services include:

  • Vessel berth and port formalities services
  • Vessel clearance, documentation, and pratiques
  • Crew changes, ok to board, and Visa arrangements
  • Supply of parts, provision, and bonded stores
  • Transit documentation for ship spares and equipment
  • Fast boat and conveyance launch services
  • Transfers and accommodation
  • Medical services
  • Bunkering and debunkering services
  • Surveying tests such as gas-free testing and hold inspections
  • Repairs and technical services ashore or afloat
  • Supply, transport and handling of goods
  • Cargo handling services including appointment of stevedores and necessary contractors
  • Passenger handling within and off cruise liner terminal
  • Issuance of sea manifests and bill of ladings
  • Collection of freight of behalf of principals
  • Ship arrival and working operations
  • Handling of loading, discharging, and transhipment edi-transmissions
  • Collection of freight according to sea manifest / instructions
  • Proforma and disbursement accounts for vessel call
  • Proforma and billing for container movements and operations