Zetasizer Advance is the successor to the highly successful and market-leading Zetasizer Nano.

Each of the three models in the Zetasizer Advance Range offers particle size, particle charge (zeta potential) and molecular weight analysis. The range also benefits from advances including Adaptive Correlation, M3-PALS zeta potential analysis, constant current zeta mode and our deep learning-based data quality advice system.

Each of the three models is available as a Blue Label or Red Label variant:

  • Choose Blue Label for routine sample investigation such as lipid injectables and nanoparticle research and development
  • Choose Red Label for more challenging sample types, such as proteins, gene therapeutics, AAVs and biomolecules

All Zetasizer Advance systems offer on-site upgradeability with minimal downtime. Should your needs change, your Zetasizer can adapt to new challenges.

All systems in the Zetasizer Advance range work with OmniTrust: Malvern Panalytical’s compliance solution for the regulated environment.