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Allergan Manufacturing Facility Expansion, Texas

Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company based in Ireland, which produces eye-care and dermatological products. It began expanding its manufacturing facility in April in Waco's Texas Central Park in the US.


Manufacturing facility expansion


Waco, Texas

Construction Started

April 2016

Expected Completion



Allergan is a global pharmaceutical company based in Ireland, which produces eye-care and dermatological products. It began expanding its manufacturing facility in April in Waco’s Texas Central Park in the US.

The expansion is expected to be completed by 2020. Work includes the addition of 322,000ft² of manufacturing space, a bulk formulation suite, ten new production lines, and warehousing space.

More space for product manufacture and employment

The existing Waco facility opened in 1989 with a 69-acre campus and a total floor space of 407,000ft² (37,000m²).

Designs plan for three storeys. The first will have 220,620ft² of floor space, including 6,000ft² of pallet warehouse, a raw material dispensary, bulk-manufacturing, six multi-dose lines, and four unit-dose lines.

The second and third will be mezzanine levels. The second will have a floor space of 86,534ft² with a utility area and bulk compounding.

The expansion also includes the addition of utility support areas, 4MD packaging lines, cafeterias, and lockers. There will also be a new testing laboratory and increased production capacity to meet rising product demand.

Production is expected to double after the work is complete, enabling the manufacture of more than 40 different product formulations.

Originally, the facility had 681 full-time employees. This is expected to rise, with 100 initial job opportunities and a potential for another 150. Vacancies will be created for chemists, microbiologists, process engineers, and production and maintenance technicians.

Eye-care and dermatological product portfolio

Allergan’s Waco facility produces eye-care and dermatological products, including Restasis® (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) 0.05%, Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%, and an FDA-approved treatment for eyelash growth.

Once construction is complete, this will also include ophthalmic multi-dose aseptic filling, plastic component manufacturing, ophthalmic ointment filling, and ophthalmic unit dose filling.

The facility’s bulk compounding unit produces ointments, suspensions, emulsions, and solutions. The multi-dose and unit fillings produce Refresh Tears, Optive, Lumigan, Alphagan P-0.15%, Combigan, Pred Forte, and Refesh Liquigel.

Benefits to the Economy of Central Texas

The expansion is estimated to be completed with an investment of $200m.

According to Tom Kelly of Baylor Centre for Business & Economic Research, the Waco manufacturing facility expansion will bring multiplier effects as it will add $380m to the Central Texas (CT) economy during construction.

In the first year of construction, Allergan’s capital investment plus operations on the CT economy are projected to increase to $522.3m. During the remaining period, the average annual economic impact of new capital investment will increase to $72m.

About Allergan

Headquartered in Dublin, Allergan is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation of branded pharmaceuticals, generic, over-the-counter medicines (OTC), and biologic products.

It has commercial operations spread across 100 countries and its product portfolio includes treatments for the central nervous system, eye care, medical aesthetics, gastroenterology, women’s health, urology, cardiovascular, and anti-infective therapeutic categories.

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