Biognosys expanded its US presence with a new proteomics CRO in Massachusetts. Credit: Biognosys.
The facility in Newton, Massachusetts, brings the company closer to its US customers. Credit: Biognosys.
The Massachusetts facility will offer TrueDiscovery discovery proteomics services, powered by the Bruker timsTOF mass spectrometry platform, using data-independent acquisition. Credit: Biognosys.
TrueDiscovery is the only platform that searches the complete proteome, quantifying thousands of relevant proteins, including an unlimited number of proteoforms. Credit: Biognosys.

Biognosys, a biotechnology company based in Switzerland, expanded its US operations with the launch of a new proteomics contract research organisation (CRO) facility in Newton, Massachusetts, in January 2024.

The strategic move places the company in closer proximity to its US biopharma customers, offering them direct access to advanced proteomics services. The facility plays a pivotal role in accelerating therapeutic discoveries and developments, particularly in the field of pharmacoproteomics.


The facility is located within the state-of-the-art business campus Chapel Bridge Park in the Boston-Cambridge area, renowned for its life sciences cluster.

The facility is poised to foster collaborations with both early and late-stage biotech companies throughout New England and the wider US.

Proteomics CRO facility details

The facility is initially centred on the TrueDiscovery research platform. The platform utilises Hyper Reaction Monitoring mass spectrometry, an innovative protein quantification technology based on Data Independent Acquisition (DIA).

The platform provides comprehensive proteomics solutions throughout the process of drug development to biopharma researchers. The workflows of the TrueDiscovery research services utilise the Bruker timsTOF HT instrument to measure 10,000 protein groups in tissue or cell lines and 2,000 protein groups in depleted plasma or serum. The approach leads to substantial improvements in sample throughput.

Biognosys’ facility is not only equipped with a comprehensive suite of discovery, targeted, and structural proteomics solutions, but also adheres to a quality management system that complies with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Good Lab Practices (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards, for comprehensive quality standards.

The facility’s adherence to GLP and GCP guidelines is particularly significant for preclinical and clinical studies.

Designed to be both flexible and scalable, the facility can accommodate various project sizes and sample volumes. The laboratories are staffed by highly skilled personnel with extensive expertise in proteomics. Advanced mass spectrometers at the facility ensure high reproducibility across samples from any species or biological matrices.

Furthermore, the facility has a high-capacity data centre that ensures secure, timely, and error-free data management, a critical aspect of modern research and development.

Proteomics services details

Biognosys’ proteomics platforms, including TrueDiscovery, TrueTarget, and TrueSignature, are based on mass spectrometry and provide deep, peptide-level insights into the proteome, which are crucial for drug discovery and development.

TrueDiscovery offers unbiased proteomics services for biofluids, tissues, and cells, delivering high specificity and reproducible data in line with GCP guidelines.

The TrueTarget platform employs Limited Proteolysis coupled to Mass Spectrometry to facilitate the identification and validation of novel drug targets, thus expediting the early stages of drug development.

TrueSignature is designed for high-precision, customisable proteomics panels that are essential for pharmacodynamic readouts and clinical biomarker monitoring. It allows for the simultaneous absolute quantification of up to 100 proteins and has been successfully implemented in clinical trial environments.

Services provided by Biognosys

Biognosys is renowned for its patented next-generation technology, which is well-documented in more than 3,000 publications.

In January 2023, Biognosys entered a partnership with Bruker, gaining access to the latter’s 4D proteomics timsTOF technology. The collaboration enables Biognosys to offer advanced proteomics CRO services in the US, featuring deeper and more precise proteomics analysis.

The company’s 4D-Proteomics CRO services, powered by Spectronaut, a DIA proteomics software, extend the reach of proteomics into key research areas such as chemoproteomics, immunopeptidomics, and plasma proteomics.

Marketing commentary on Biognosys

Founded in 2008, Biognosys operates one of the world’s largest proteomics facilities. The company opened its first US office in the biopharma hub of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in September 2022.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and with US facilities encompassing over 15,000ft2, Biognosys serves a diverse clientele of more than 800 customers and maintains a network of more than 25 collaborators in the life sciences industry and academia. The company’s laboratories and LC-MS facilities are equipped to meet a wide range of proteomics needs, from discovery to targeted and structural analyses.

Biognosys has established strategic collaborations with several prominent companies, including Evotec, Indivumed, Kymera Therapeutics, NeoGenomics, SCIEX, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Its academic and scientific partnerships extend to institutions such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cancer Research UK, Cedilla Therapeutics, CUIMC Columbia, Crown Bioscience, and others, reflecting the company’s strong ties within the scientific community.