Full-Life Technologies celebrated the ground-breaking of its new GMP manufacturing facility in Gembloux, Belgium, in December 2023. Credit: Full-Life Technologies.
The new facility will boost the company’s radiopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity. Credit: Full-Life Technologies.
The new facility will be developed on a 17,000m² site. Credit: Full-Life Technologies.

Full-Life Technologies, a fully integrated radiotherapeutics company, held the ground-breaking ceremony for its new Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Gembloux, Wallonia province, Belgium, in December 2023.

The new facility will expand the company’s current radiopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity and ensure a timely supply of radiotherapeutics to patients globally.


The company signed a land purchase agreement for 17,000m²  (182,986ft²) of land to build the facility in May 2023.

Gembloux is a leading hub for pharmaceutical production and lies within Europe’s biotech innovation corridor. It was selected for the new facility due to its geographic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, professional talent pool and efficient transportation network.

The Walloon regional government plays a key role in creating a conducive environment for the radiopharmaceutical industry.

Full-Life Technologies’ GMP manufacturing facility details

The Full-Life Technologies’ GMP manufacturing facility will span 4,000m² .

The facility will serve as the company’s production hub for the manufacturing of end-to-end solutions and a broad spectrum of radiopharmaceuticals that meet key market GMP standards.

Featuring a sustainable design, the facility will be equipped with automation technologies and digital quality assurance systems.

Details of Full-Life Technologies’ radiopharmaceutical products

Full-Life Technologies is focused on the manufacturing of radionuclide drug conjugates (RDC) and radio therapeutics for various cancer indications under different programmes.

The company’s lead candidate, 225Ac-FL-020, is a novel prostate-specific membrane antigen being developed for the treatment of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. The drug candidate is designed to deliver the highly potent Actinium-225 alpha-emitter isotope. It is currently progressing towards Phase I clinical trials, which are expected to commence in early 2024 in Europe and the US.

Full-Life Technologies is also evaluating Actinium-225 as a dual-targeting somatostatin receptor 2 (SSTR2) and cholecystokinin B receptor (CCKBR/CCK2R) for the treatment of small cell lung cancer (SCLC), neuroendocrine tumours and medullary thyroid cancer.

The neurotensin receptor type 1 is being developed to target squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and gastrointestinal cancers, while guanylyl cyclase C receptor is being developed to target colorectal, gastric and pancreatic cancers.

The company’s UniRDC is a proprietary discovery platform that helps streamline and accelerate the discovery of RDC drug candidates to 18 months or less. It covers a range of modalities including small molecule, cyclic peptide and nanobody.

The platform is based on a proprietary set of synthetic chemistry and protein engineering tool kits comprising Clear-X linker technology and Res-X modification methods, which enable the development of RDC candidates with the optimal biodistribution profile.


Full-Life Technologies closed $63.3m in financing including $47.3m in Series B equity financing and $16m in loan facilities in January 2024.

The company will use the $16m loan facilities towards the construction of the new facility as well as the development of its product pipeline.

Marketing commentary on Full-Life Technologies

Full-Life Technologies aims to establish its value chain comprising radiopharmaceutical research and development, production, and commercialisation to deliver life-saving radiotherapeutics to cancer patients and those with unmet medical needs.

Established in August 2021, the company has operations in Belgium, Germany and China.  In November 2022, it acquired radiopharmaceuticals developer Focus-X Therapeutics to expand its peptide-focused radiopharmaceutical pipeline.

Full-Life Technologies also focuses on establishing strategic collaborations and partnerships that leverage the company’s technologies and explore in-licensing opportunities that complement its drug development pipeline. It works with major supply-chain partners to ensure the timely delivery of products to customers worldwide.