IDT's new manufacturing facility is located in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, US. Credit: Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
The new facility manufactures products to support Covid-19 testing. Credit: Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
IDT developed primer and probe kits for Covid-19 testing. Credit: Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) opened a manufacturing facility in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park in the US in May 2020 for supporting research and testing efforts related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The facility will increase the production capabilities of IDT to meet the demand for products to aid Covid-19 research, improving the turnaround period of the company’s products and provide better product options for researchers in the North Carolina region.

IDT’s new manufacturing facility location

The manufacturing facility is located in the Research Triangle Park in the state of North Carolina, US, and will offer next-day service to Boston, New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Houston, in addition to servicing clients in the Research Triangle Park.

IDT’s new manufacturing facility details

The manufacturing facility will provide custom oligonucleotides with longer sequencing lengths and more variations.

Researchers can place orders for personalised oligonucleotides and receive them the next day without any extra fees.

The facility features the company’s equipment and production methods that will manufacture products of high quality.

It caters to the ongoing research and testing activities to tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus and is focused on developing products for the cause.

IDT developed primer and probe kits to support Covid-19 tests, enabling more than 31 million tests in the country under the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) testing protocol of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The facility effectively improves the capacity of IDT to manufacture products and meet demands from customers.

It also offers high-speed service for the eastern part of the country and other regions. The facility ensures the production of high-quality projects through its robust quality control procedures.

The location comes after the opening of IDT’s production centres in San Diego and Coralville in the US, Singapore and Leuven in Belgium.

IDT’s COVID-19 test kits and research tools

IDT manufactures qPCR primers and probes kits for the diagnosis and detection of a novel coronavirus, 2019-n-CoV.

“The facility effectively improves the capacity of IDT to manufacture products and meet demands from customers.”

The primers and probe kits, used for DNA analysis of patient samples, are manufactured under ISO 13485:2016 and good manufacturing practises (GMP) conditions at the firm’s Coralville, Iowa facility in a suite of cleanrooms designed to avoid contamination of the synthetic prototype.

If coronaviruses are detected in a patient sample, virally generated DNA sequences will be amplified by the DNA primers and the DNA samples will fluoresce.

The qPCR primers and probes comply with the CDC EUA testing protocol and ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

IDT also supplied products to support the development of tests for Ebola virus, Zika, and H1N1 virus.

Marketing commentary on Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is specialised in DNA writing life sciences research and the production of custom oligonucleotides. Its nucleic acid products support pharmaceutical development, agriculture, medical diagnostics, academic and commercial research.

An innovator of genomics-based solutions, the company created proprietary genomics technologies for CRISPR genome editing, qPCR, RNA interference and next-generation sequencing.

It offers products used by scientists to investigate many forms of cancer, as well as inherited and infectious diseases.

IDT functions as an independent operating firm within the Life Sciences platform of Danaher.

Founded in 1987, IDT is headquartered in Coralville, Iowa, US with additional manufacturing facilities in the US, Singapore and Belgium. The firm operates a molecular biology research and development facility in Redwood City, US.

IDT has more than 1,400 employees across the globe, serving over 130,000 life science researchers in more than 100 countries. The company produces more than 90,000 nucleic acids a day.