Artist’s rendering of Pfizer’s new R&D facility in Chesterfield, Missouri. Credit: Business Wire.
Pfizer broke ground for the Chesterfield facility in June 2017. Credit: Pfizer and St Louis County.
Pfizer’s facility is expected to create 80 jobs in Missouri. Credit: Pfizer and St Louis County.
Ewing Cole and Forum Studio provided architectural and design services for Pfizer’s Chesterfield facility. Credit: Pfizer and St Louis County.

In June 2017, US-based biopharmaceutical company Pfizer began building a research and development (R&D) laboratory and office facility in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Located at 875 West Chesterfield Parkway in Chesterfield, St Louis County, the facility is expected to accommodate more than 450 scientists and researchers and create up to 80 jobs in the state.

Pfizer aims to transfer its current R&D and manufacturing facilities at the Monsanto Chesterfield Village Research Centre and at the Missouri Research Park in St Charles County to the new Chesterfield building, which is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

The facility will help increase the company’s product and process development capabilities in biologics and vaccine therapy while strengthening its overall presence in the region.

Design and features of the Pfizer R&D facility in Chesterfield

Pfizer’s R&D campus has been designed in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) sustainability certification standards.

It will incorporate flexible laboratory layouts, utility spaces, scientific casework, advanced conferencing technologies and an open office design to encourage a collaborative work environment.

The lab section is linear in shape and will be situated parallel to the office zone. A large corridor will connect the lab with the office space to ensure easy access to both sections.

The first floor will feature a dining facility, while the other floors will be provided with a centralised cafe.

Drugs to be produced at Pfizer’s R&D facility in Chesterfield

Covering a 295,000ft² area, Pfizer’s manufacturing and process development facility will allow the company’s BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences group and partners to conduct research and development activities.

A team of researchers and scientists will work at the facility to develop manufacturing processes and dosage forms using analytical technologies, non-GMP manufacturing and scale-up studies.

The work conducted at the facility will help develop biotherapeutic medicines for inflammation, vaccines, immunology, oncology, internal medicine, monoclonal antibodies, rare diseases and biosimilars.

Timeline and financing of the project

Pfizer initially shared plans to build the Chesterfield facility in November 2016. In January 2017, the site plan was approved by Chesterfield’s Planning Commission.

The facility will require an estimated $200m of total investment.

The State of Missouri and St Louis County have agreed to offer a strategic economic incentive package to Pfizer in support of the facility, subject to job creation.

Contractors involved in the project

Pfizer chose a team consisting of CRG, Forum Studio and Clayco to design, build, finance, manage and lease the facility.

“The work conducted at the facility will help develop biotherapeutic medicines for inflammation, vaccines, immunology, oncology, internal medicine, monoclonal antibodies, rare diseases and biosimilars.”

Clayco and its subsidiary, CRG, are providing design-build services, while Ewing Cole and Forum Studio are responsible to provide landscaping design, engineering and architecture, as well as interior and lab design.

Marketing commentary on Pfizer

Founded in 1849, Pfizer is primarily engaged in developing and manufacturing medicines, vaccines and other healthcare products.

The company has a global presence in 46 countries and employs around 96,500 people.

It currently has 63 manufacturing facilities in multiple locations worldwide, including St Louis, Missouri; Pearl River, New York; Cambridge and Andover, Massachusetts; Groton, Connecticut; Sandwich and Cambridge, UK; and San Francisco and La Jolla, California.

In 2016, Pfizer reported $52.824bn in revenues for the year.