Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility, Plainville, Massachusetts

Thermo Fisher Scientific will open a new manufacturing facility for viral vectors in Plainville, Massachusetts, US.

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Viral vector manufacturing facility


Plainville, Massachusetts, US


May 2020

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Thermo Fisher Scientific will open a new manufacturing facility for viral vectors in Plainville, Massachusetts, US.

The company announced the development of the production capacity in May 2020. Expected for completion in 2022, the site will be responsible for commercial development and a twofold expansion of the viral vector potential of the company.

Increased production will meet the rising demand for the development and manufacturing of gene therapies and vaccines.

Estimated investment in the construction of the commercial facility will be $180m.

The company is expected to create more than 200 jobs to support the operations at the facility.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Viral Vector manufacturing facility location

Production centre site is being developed in New Plainville, Massachusetts.

The location will allow Thermo Fisher Scientific to tap the talent pool in the Greater Boston area, while also providing it with the opportunity to leverage its expertise at other locations in Massachusetts. The facility is being constructed over an area of 290,000ft².

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Viral Vector manufacturing facility details

Plainville site will include scalable lab and development suites, equipped with an on-site engineering laboratory that will support clients in their efforts to advance towards commercial operations through the development of turnkey production systems.

The location will also feature warehousing and office areas. Roles created at the facility will include scientists, quality control professionals and manufacturing teams.

Thermo Fisher will incorporate digital connectivity and technology to drive operational efficiencies and quality at the facility while enabling data visibility and improved training for operators.

The facility will increase the manufacturing of viral vectors to support the need for greater innovation in cell and gene therapy. It will also complement the company’s production capacity in Lexington and Cambridge in Massachusetts and Alachua in Florida.

Viral vector manufacturing services

Thermo Fisher Scientific purchased viral vectors manufacturing company Brammer Bio in May 2019.

Brammer Bio is an experienced, gene therapy-supporting viral vector contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) with a focus on clinical and commercial supply, regulatory support, as well as process and analytical development.It offers platforms for the production of viral vectors and the manufacturing of gene therapy products to meet the requirements of customers.

“The location will allow Thermo Fisher Scientific to tap the talent pool in the Greater Boston area.”

Services aim to ensure quality, yield, and efficiency of processes providing support from the drug development stage through to clinical trials and commercial production.

The company’s gene therapy capabilities include the manufacturing and analytical processing of viral vectors for use in ex vivo and in vivo gene therapy clinical applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers ten viral vector manufacturing platforms including adeno-associated viral, retroviral, herpesviral, lentiviral, and adenoviral.

Marketing commentary on Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific helps its customers speed up research work in the life sciences and find solutions to analytical problems. It also contributes to the improvement of patient diagnostics.

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Thermo Fisher Scientific employs approximately 70,000 employees and generates annual revenue of more than $25bn.

The company offers advanced technology and pharmaceutical services through brands such as Thermo Scientific, Patheon, Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services.

Product offerings of Thermo Scientific are CellInsight™ HCS instruments, FastDigest™ enzymes, Dionex™ chromatography systems, Nunc™ cell culture products, Pierce™ protein biology products, Remel™ microbiology products, and Oxoid™ microbiology products.

The company’s product range in the clinical segment includes CryoStar, PrintMate, Excelsior, ImmunoCAP, Spectra, VersaTREK, and Indiko.

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