The recent acquisition deal by Gilead for Kite Pharma has meant a huge opportunity for the biopharmaceutical to provide an opportunity for novel cancer immunotherapies.

There are also many other competitors in the race to get their drugs approved, such as Novartis and Juno Therapeutics. Oxford BioMedica has recently entered a licensing agreement with Novartis meaning they could receive in excess of $100 million from Novartis over the next three years. However with Kite Pharma’s product axicabtagene ciloleucel which is a CAR T therapy currently under priority review by the FDA, for the treatment for refractory aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Gilead will be well positioned to take lead in this market space. Considering to apply and receive these special FDA statuses for unmet indications can also allow other Pharma and Biotech companies to infiltrate this market and get fast track their drugs to market.