As a technology partner to many Life Sciences organisations around the world, CXV Global has played a significant role in helping its customers respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. CXV Global provides leading-edge technologies, solutions and services throughout the drug and vaccine development lifecycle.

The company’s solutions have supported the expedited development and production of required pharmaceutical and biologics, medical devices, new treatments and vaccines.

How has CXV Global responded to the challenges of Covid-19?

Our professional services engineering team members and technology consultants are also deployed across manufacturing sites around the world. We help our customers execute critical projects, including site expansions, new production equipment implementation, and end-to-end technology integration.

What trends are you seeing in how pharmaceutical manufacturers are successfully adapting following Covid-19?

It is undeniable, Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on pharma manufacturers.

However, these challenges have proven how capable and innovative the industry is. Companies are adapting by utilising a more partnering approach to meet healthcare demands, including increased use of contract research and contract manufacturing partners throughout the development and production processes.

Furthermore, companies’ are driving towards digital transformation initiatives that drive scientific innovation, efficiency and quality in their operations.

How have digital technologies in CXV Global met manufacturing and supply chain disruption?

We have been at the forefront with technology advancements with our customers in identifying the right type of solution for their immediate and long-term strategic needs.

In recent times, this has accelerated, and some of the priorities have changed. However, the strategy remains the same. That is to identify and implement the digital tools and solutions such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision, Big Data and unified analytics that can create the sustainable value that is required for the business to achieve its objectives. We see two significant aspects to this coming to the forefront, creating continuity within the supply chain and providing production scalability.

There are many technologies but also tools available but they must be introduced in a way that aligns to the business strategy and the timeline of the business plan.

CXV Global not only focuses on the processes and technologies but also the ‘people’ aspect of pharmaceutical operations. Many of these advanced technologies or new processes introduce a change management element that also needs to be addressed. The company addresses this challenge through our professional and managed services business unit and various digital tools that enable efficient user adoption.

How has the global pandemic and working remotely affected CXV Global’s on-site client resourcing?

For projects and activities that do not require onsite presence, our engineers and professionals can continue to support our customers remotely utilising the various technologies and digital tools that enable us to execute on project activities and maintain aggressive project schedules.

This interview was conducted by Mark Purcell-President and COO, CXV Global, and Elliot Abreu-Senior Vice President, CXV Global, North America.