Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains
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CXV Global

Manufacturing and Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

CXV Global provides technology leading manufacturing and packaging solutions to high-end research and development (R&D) and manufacturing sites for assistance in pharmaceutical supply chains.

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CXV Global provides technology leading manufacturing and packaging solutions to high-end research and development (R&D) and manufacturing sites for assistance in pharmaceutical supply chains.

We deliver core technology-leading solutions in the areas of IT and real-time automation, machine vision, serialisation, digital transformation, and professional and managed services to global customers.

Customers trust CXV Global to work in close partnership with their multinational R&D and manufacturing teams to deploy innovative technology solutions that meet their operational and supply chain goals in a responsive and commercially measurable way.

Capabilities in the pharmaceutical sector

Our solutions comprise design, hardware, software, support and training services and provide compliance with industry regulations including the Falsified Medicines Directive, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) 21 Part 11 and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) standards.

CXV Global played a key role in helping our clients succeed in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, from drug discovery and R&D to pre-clinical and clinical operations, as well as automated manufacturing and packaging / supply chain, including regulatory and good practice (GxP) compliance.

The pharmaceutical industry is secured globally through a complex network of regulations. From research and patent applications to packaging and prescribing, each stage in a drug’s lifecycle requires compliance with an associated regulation. We support compliance with constantly evolving regulations, from GAMP to anti-counterfeiting.

Expertise in serialising, resourcing and optimising packaging lines for compliance

The manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products are highly regulated; we serialise, resource and optimise packaging lines for compliance for companies of all sizes.

CXV Global’s relationships with our clients resulted in a broad understanding of the processes and challenges occurring in the industry. As a trusted partner, we have been assisting pharmaceutical companies in achieving compliance with regulations since 1986.

Global reach and local presence

Our combined experience and scale allow us to deliver proven technology and high-quality, local service support. Between office locations in Ireland, UK, continental Europe, North America and Latin America, CXV Global have a comprehensive network of engineers and technical management.

Our group’s engineering team are deployed across bases internationally that offer coverage across ten time zones. Our combined experience and scale allow us to deliver proven technology and effective localised support. We run projects from end-to-end, including pre-project support, design, installation, post-installation support and training.

Leading global partnerships

CXV Global partner with world-leading manufacturers of turnkey machine vision systems and machines. Our portfolio of partners includes Cognex (platinum partner), Antares Vision, Global Vision, Picomto, Universal Robots, Parsec and more.

Using our partners’ core technology, we collaborate with our customer to propose a solution optimised for their specific requirements and project delivery schedule.

Machine Vision and Robotics

Inspection systems are the cornerstone of our expertise fully and semi-automated inspection systems to guarantee the highest quality of products and packaging systems.

Manufacturing Automation

Inter-connected systems and automated processes are the cornerstones of world-class production facilities. They eliminate the silos of data, systems and manual inputs that limit the capacity and efficiency of your operations.


CXV Global support pharmaceutical customers to achieve compliance with regulations for track & trace around the globe, including the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

Professional and Managed Services

We resource for Janssen, DePuy, MSD, Teva, Allergan, Gilead, Abbott, GE Healthcare and many other clients compliant with GMP and GAMP regulations.

CXV Company Video

CXV Global specialises in technology leading manufacturing and packaging solutions for assistance in pharmaceutical supply chains.

360 Degree Bottle and Vial Inspection System

Read how CXV Global created a 360 Degree vial and bottle inspection system that now allows our customer to inspect 100% of the labels on their vials and bottles instead of just inspecting a sample of the production run, without reducing the speed of the line.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Line Automation

Our client, a biometric monitoring device manufacturer, and their assembly / packaging line OEM tasked CXV Global with the management of component sub-assembly pairing and serialised identification of finished product on a number of high-speed lines in Europe and the US.

Serialisation of Pharmaceutical Product to meet Market Regulations

The key requirement for this project was the serialisation of products to meet Korean market regulations. Korean regulations mandate manufacturers to ensure secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products are printed with an item level serial number (SGTIN) in the form of a 2D barcode or RFID, as well as the capability to hold five lines of Human Readable Text (HRT).

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