While not every formulation can be granulated on a conventional roller compactor, the GERTEIS® roller compactor has several unique patented technologies, which allow for a far greater range of formulations to be dry granulated successfully compared with conventional roller compactors.

The GERTEIS® roller compactor offers the following advantages:

  • Unique feed system with (patented) angled rollers to ensure even very difficult flowing materials can be consistently delivered to the rollers
  • Patented force control with an in-process moveable roller, producing a constant density ribbon
  • Larger diameter rollers to produce a longer dwell time in the nip area
  • Superior punch and die design of the rollers to provide a constant density over the ribbon width, and to virtually eliminate fines, and remove altogether the need for recirculation of the fines
  • Superior granulating oscillating mill, to ensure clean cutting action of the ribbon for a more consisted granule size distribution