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Testing Devices for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Charles Ischi and Kraemer Elektronik produce manually, semi and fully automatic tablet testing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The company also maintains the international sales and service network for Kraemer & Ischi high-quality products, which are used in quality and in-process control areas for solid dosage forms all around the world.

Requirements for tablet testing systems need meeting in order to guarantee a successful product launch. This criterion is a combination of the testing system's quality, safety, speed, technology and flexibility.

These days, the pharmaceutical industry faces a greater amount of challenges than ever previously known to guarantee that products meet stringent safety and quality requirements, while being cost-effective and quick to enter the market.

The entire spectrum of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing processes are complemented by solutions offered by Charles Ischi & Kraemer Elektronik, contributing to tablet and capsule control solutions.

HC6.2 - Manual measurement of hardness, diameter, thickness and weight of tablets

The HC6.2 manual tablet hardness tester in the traditional series from Kraemer & Ischi features clear displays and buttons, allowing users to operate the device safely when wearing safety gloves and protective clothing. The device can measure the hardness, diameter and thickness of products. Test results can be printed from an external printer using a USB port.

Users can manage up to 99 products externally and load them using a USB memory stick. Integrated product memory is available as an option. An external weighing scale from Sartorius or Mettler can be connected to the tablet hardness tester.

DISI-M - Semi-automatic tablet disintegration tester

DISI-M is a semi-automatic tablet disintegration tester with an LCD display and timer. The tablet disintegration tester is a cost-effective alternative to the automatic DISI-A model and meets European Pharmacopeia (EP) and US Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. Testing baskets can be attached and removed due to magnetic coupling. As each station is powered separately, users can examine up to four different products at the same time.

AE - Abrasion and friability testers

The AE 1 + 2 range of abrasion and friability testers consists of one or two test stations. Test drums can be equipped to test for wear due to rolling and falling, or to test the abrasion of tablets, tablet cores and granules.

CIW - Automatic weight checkers for tablets and capsules

The company also offers CIW 6.2 / 6.3 automatic weighing systems for tablets, tablet cores, capsules and similar products during or after the production process. Based on UTS tablet testing system, the device offers a tablet separating system and a special transport star to position the test specimen accurately on the integrated scale. All parts that need to be cleaned can be quickly and easily dismantled without tools.

The CIW 6.3 model is nearly identical to the CIW 6.2 (also known as Weightmaster) model, although it contains a precise measurement device to determine thickness. It can be used as a standalone or as an online version in the laboratory.

UTS IP54 - Easy-to-clean tablet testing systems

UTS IP LR is an automatic testing system with protection class IP54, which enables the working space to be thoroughly cleaned. The device is easy to maintain as all parts can be dismantled for cleaning without tools.

In the feeder chute, tablets are automatically dedusted, separated and transported to the test area. A computing transport system is responsible for positioning tablets on the measurement stations. This positioning method allows nearly any shape of tablet to be optimally positioned to measure the diameter and hardness. The stop bar, slider and transport segment can be adapted to any product and these parts can easily be exchanged.

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