How biotechs can tap APAC for excellence in oncology trials

3 August 2020 (Last Updated August 5th, 2020 10:48)

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How biotechs can tap APAC for excellence in oncology trials
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Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO Novotech has released a new webinar about the advantages of conducting oncology clinical trials in the Asia-Pacific. The panel included leading key opinion leaders from Australia and South Korea, as well as a US-based biotech sponsor.

A growing number of biotechnology companies are looking at the Asia-Pacific region to run their clinical trials in oncology. While Australia and New Zealand are preferred locations to run early phase trials, sponsors often look at Asia for large late phase clinical studies. Moreover, clinical trials are often the only channel through which patients can get access to new oncology treatments in Asia which ultimately stimulates patient recruitment rates.

There has been a strong and continual growth in the number of industry-sponsored trials being initiated in Asia-Pacific over recent years. In fact, there are currently about 10,000 oncology clinical trials, either ongoing or planned in the region, and about 50% of all industry-sponsored oncology trials in 2019 globally have an Asia-Pacific component.

Efficacy data for early phase oncology trials is helpful information and one of the most important things biotechs look at is engaged investigators who ensure the right patients are involved in the study.

Moreover, with the quality of the facilities and sites across the Asia-Pacific region is excellent, competing with similar facilities in the US and Europe.

This webinar also covered:

  • The latest research and trends of oncology clinical trials globally and in Asia-Pacific
  • The reasons why oncology clinical research sites in Asia have been less affected by the COVID-19 crisis than in other regions
  • Feedback from sponsors and investigators
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Webinar: Advancing Oncology Clinical Trials in Asia-Pacific

An increasing number of biotech companies are looking to the Asia-Pacific region to run their clinical trials in oncology. This webinar covers the latest oncology trial trends, the reasons why oncology clinical research sites in the Asia-Pacific have recently been less affected by COVID-19 than other regions, and how biotech companies benefit from involving sites in Asia-Pacific.

Speakers include Dr Helen Collins, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Five Prime Therapeutics, Dr Amy Prawira, medical oncologist at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre in Australia, Dr Ben Tran, medical oncologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia, Professor Lee Jee Yun, professor in the division of hematology-oncology at the Samsung Medical Centre in South Korea, as well as moderator Julie Gargano, Therapy Area Director Oncology at Novotech.

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