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Darcy Jimenez

Darcy Jimenez is a healthcare reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharma Technology Focus magazine, covering drug research, development, production and regulation. She is particularly interested in stories about AI, antibiotic resistance, and global health equality.

Bacteria and balance: how understanding the vaginal microbiome can help discover new drugs

Imbalance in the vaginal microbiome has been linked to a range of conditions, from UTIs to preterm birth.

US Pharmacopeia report finds high reliance on Indian manufacturers for APIs

A report on global API supply chain vulnerabilities indicates the outsized importance of and dependency on overseas manufacturers.

Two years of Covid-19: lessons the pandemic taught about delivering essential vaccines

From the value of collaboration to the importance of planning ahead, pharma can learn from Covid-19 when it comes to supplying other vaccines.

New bill seeks to revamp FDA’s accelerated approvals programme

The Accelerated Approval Integrity Act would help the US regulator ensure drugs granted speedy approval provide real benefits for patients.

Ukraine: Russian invasion could cause spike in Covid-19 cases

Only around 35% of people in Ukraine are double-vaccinated against Covid-19.

Profit for patients: can NFTs allow people to monetise their health data?

NFTs could democratise access to health information, but challenges around the nascent technology must first be addressed.

Sanofi and GSK to seek approval for delayed Covid-19 vaccine

The companies have reported positive study results after a series of delays to the Sanofi-GSK vaccine’s development.

Valneva receives up to £20m vaccine R&D funding in Scotland

The funding will be received in two separate grants, to support the manufacture of Valneva’s Covid-19 jab and other vaccines.

How vaccine science could help tackle antimicrobial resistance

Successful vaccine technologies, such as mRNA and reverse vaccinology, could give researchers new approaches to fighting AMR.

New BIO report forecasts an uncertain future for the antibiotics sector

Lack of financial incentives for innovation or distinct pipelines have upped the urgency for reforms in the antibiotic sector.