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IBM’s lab on a chip breakthrough seeks out cancers origin

Doctors could detect cancer earlier than ever before thanks to new nanoscale technology developed by IBM. Elly Earls meets Joshua Smith, one of the researchers behind the innovation, to find out how.

The little pink pill: sexual breakthrough for women or barely beneficial?

Earlier this year the FDA approved the first drug for sexual desire disorder in women, which has since become widely known as ‘the female Viagra’. But does this mark the breakthrough its supporters are celebrating or do the drug’s risks outweigh its modest benefits? Elly Earls investigates.

South Africa: the long road to state-owned pharma manufacturing

South Africa wants to build state-owned domestic manufacturing capacity to help meet the needs of its healthcare system and reduce reliance on foreign imports. While the idea sounds good on paper, putting it into practice hasn’t been so straightforward, as Elly Earls finds out.