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Laboratory services poised for the digital revolution

The new COO of Cerba Research, Piet Jamaels, talks about his plans to rewire the lab services firm to optimise for a new world of digital, data and AI in clinical trials management

Accessible, interactive, reliable: the next generation in participant consent

Obtaining informed patient consent is a fundamental pillar of clinical research ethics, but sponsors are responsible for ensuring that patients understand what they’re signing up for. Could eConsent be the solution?

How AI, automation, and machine learning are upgrading clinical trials

AI spending in the pharma space is set to grow. Advanced technologies offer opportunities to increase efficiency, quality, and speed at every stage of clinical research.

How improved plain language summaries can boost your CT patient engagement

Better patient engagement is shown to improve the quality and equitability of clinical trials, as well as overcoming barriers to recruitment. Plain language summaries of key documentation are a powerful way to bolster patient engagement.

Using analytics and bioassays to de-risk your mRNA LNP drug development programme

The launch of the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines changed therapeutics overnight, but the technologies and processes involved in mRNA-based applications are still emerging. With no free-to-use template to scale sequences quickly, having a deep understanding of LNP analytics and bioassays becomes crucial to accelerate commercialisation.

New EU-CTR and what it means for Part I clinical trial documentation

New EU-CTR regulation has updated the translation requirements for Part I documentation.

The supply chain innovations behind the world’s largest vaccine programme

The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the vulnerabilities of existing supply chain systems, but it also accelerated the adoption of transformative technologies including real-time data and cloud-enabled analytics.