• 8 August 2018

    Amazon’s future in US healthcare

    Amazon’s significant growth during the last several years has been particularly of interest to the healthcare industry.

  • 1 August 2018

    Time to talk about breast cancer chemoprevention

    Breast cancer is the most common female cancer worldwide, with some women having up to 85% risk of developing the disease. Despite this, options for high-risk women are limited and...

  • 24 July 2018

    How AI could shape the landscape for oncology

    The recent surge in artificial intelligence (AI) development has highlighted the potential of data to conquer some of the greatest challenges in healthcare, but has also raised questions about what...

  • 20 July 2018

    Illegal online pharmacies: how endemic are they?

    Illegal pharmacies are defined as those that operate without certification, prescribe drugs without adhering to legal guidelines, or knowingly distribute counterfeit medicines.

  • 19 July 2018

    Pharma Technology Focus – Issue 73

    In this issue: Major investment signals confidence in the search for new products developed from DNA found in soil, a medical milestone for cannabinoids in the US, streamlining clinical research,...

  • 4 July 2018

    Skyhawk’s STAR collaboration with Celgene

    On 26 June 2018, the drug development company Skyhawk Therapeutics entered a global five-year partnership deal with the big pharma company Celgene. The strategic collaboration details discovery, co-development, and commercialisation...