The Bioprocessing Summit convenes more than 1,000 international bioprocess professionals to share practical solutions for today’s bioprocess challenges.

Now in its tenth year, the event has grown to include 17 distinct conferences with week-long programming on upstream and downstream processing, analytical development and quality, formulation and stability, cell and gene therapy production, and manufacturing.

Along with the impressive array of conferences, the summit also includes short courses and training seminars that provide in-depth coverage of critical bioprocess topics.

Increase viable Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell density by supplementation with recombinant Insulin Human AF

CHO cells are one of the most widely used platforms for the production of biopharmaceuticals. Increased demand for safety and reliability has moved the standard for CHO cell culture media from serum to serum-free and further on to chemically defined media.

UAB, in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Pharmatech, has shown that the addition of animal origin free insulin to three leading commercially available off-the-shelf chemically defined media resulted in significant increases in viable cell density. In addition to this benefit, insulin has been proven to aid in the expression of difficult to express proteins.