DFE Pharma is pleased to announce that has joined the Drug Delivery Innovation Center (DDiC).

The DDiC is based on partnership and close collaboration between academia, industry and public stakeholders to become a world-class centre of Excellence in Drug Delivery innovation.

The DDiC was founded in 2017 by the companies Bayer AG, LB Bohle GmbH, Merck KGaA (all Germany) and UCB S.A (Belgium), together with the university partners TU Dortmund and HHU Düsseldorf. INVITE GmbH is leading the consortium. The DDiC fosters international, multi-disciplinary networks in the research area of drug delivery and manufacturing, it promotes pharmaceutical science in close collaboration with academia and pharmaceutical industry along the value chain.

DDiC works research areas that are overlapping with areas that DFE Pharma is working on, like for instance Continuous Processing, drug formulations of biomolecules and 3D printing. Next to that, the membership gives the opportunity to collaborate with prominent academic and industrial institutions in Germany and western Europe.

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