Repositive and Science Exchange are excited to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership combining Science Exchange, the world’s largest SaaS-enabled marketplace for outsourced R&D services, with Repositive’s world’s leading Preclinical Cancer Model Platform and Scout Services.

The Science Exchange Marketplace provides biotech and biopharma companies with an all-in-one platform to source, order, manage, and pay for outsourced R&D services. By partnering with Repositive, companies worldwide now have access to the largest directory of preclinical cancer models and in-depth bioinformatics analyses of candidates – all through one platform and one contract – at the click of a button.

Biopharmas using Science Exchange will be able to reduce time, money and effort spent on sourcing the right preclinical cancer model by leveraging Repositive’s Cancer Model Scout service. The service provides tailored model recommendations, comprehensive searches of Repositive’s directory and extended CRO network, and in-depth bioinformatics analyses of candidates to ensure the right model is identified for each study. Users will also be able to access Repositive’s Cancer Model Platform; the world’s largest cancer model directory with curated and standardised metadata from over 8,000 preclinical models.

“Our mission is always first and foremost about accelerating cancer research and offering biopharma researchers an independent and yet comprehensive selection of models and services to choose from. Our partnership with Science Exchange enables researchers to access our directory of models and services directly through their marketplace. This allows researchers to spend more time on their research and less time worrying about finding the right cancer model,” said Catherine McDermott, Chief Executive Officer at Repositive.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Repositive to offer their directory and unique services through our R&D marketplace. This partnership aligns with our strategy to bring best-in-breed partners and innovation to our customers worldwide”, said Shaun O’Connor, Vice President of Corporate Development at Science Exchange. “Our mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of scientific research and make it available to every organization on the planet and that is exactly what we are doing with this partnership.”

About Science Exchange

The Science Exchange SaaS-enabled marketplace helps scientists accelerate their research by providing an all-in-one digital platform to source, order, manage, and pay for R&D services. Scientists get instant access to our network of 3,500+ CROs, CMOs, and academic labs that are already contracted and qualified so projects can start without the delays caused by contract negotiations and provider onboarding. We automate repetitive administrative tasks, purchasing workflows, reporting, and payment processing.

Our solutions are trusted by the world’s top life sciences organizations, saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars in costs while helping to advance drug discoveries. Science Exchange is an online marketplace of research services, enabling scientists to outsource their research and development to scientific institutions such as university facilities or commercial contract research organizations.

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Kelly Holzrichter
Science Exchange

About Repositive

Repositive operates with the ultimate goal of helping to accelerate cancer drug development and bring treatments and cures to patients more quickly. They partner with contract research organisations (CROs) worldwide to provide a bespoke cancer model search service, the Cancer Model Scout, to support researchers working in oncology to find the right cancer models for their studies. They also organise and curate cancer model data from partner CROs, and present this inventory of models online, via their beta Cancer Models Platform.

Repositive’s main mission is to help preclinical oncology researchers speed up their projects and increase translational success by enabling them to find and source the most suitable cancer models for their studies.

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