Strategic Cooperation Between MI and Pannonian University - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Strategic Cooperation Between MI and Pannonian University

The handover of the software licenses will take place on 17 April at 12.00pm at the Technical Chemical Days event, followed by a press conference. The event will be held in the Second Floor Conference Center of Building B at .

Founded in 1981, Molnár-Institute has a world-renowned capacity for the development of liquid chromatography processes. The institute is headed by Dr Imre Molnár, who is dedicated to the development of safe and effective products in big pharma and in many other areas of life science and the food industry.

The DryLab® software is a unique system that provides invaluable support for the development, optimisation and robustness testing of liquid chromatographic methods and for troubleshooting method development.

With DryLab®, the time required to develop high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods can be reduced up to 12-fold, ensuring that the optimised separations have a good workpoint while meeting the requirements of the specific regulatory framework.


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