Erdmann Design Consultancy Services for Pharmaceutical Product Development

Erdmann Design provides consultation services for the development of pharmaceutical products such as production machines, navigation cameras, surgical equipment and software. Its offerings are based on core concepts such as cross-industry research, testing and certifying, market launch and communication.

Design concepts for the pharmaceutical development lifecycle

The design thinking and human-centred concepts used by Erdmann Design were developed by US-based company IDEO and the Hasso Plattner Institute for Design (HPI) at Stanford University in California.

Design thinking is an interdisciplinary and strategic approach that optimises time-to-market for pharmaceutical products. Erdmann Design uses this solutions-driven and value-creating concept to ensure that medical treatments and drug delivery systems are consistently improved to increase the user experience.

The human-centred design philosophy is a problem-solving method where those experiencing an issue are encouraged to actively take part in solution development. Erdmann Design implements this through customised research and strategy planning to help health companies bring product ideas to market.

Erdmann Design uses its Feed Forward method to help pharmaceutical firms achieve high-quality industrial design management.

Research, testing and prototyping of medical equipment

Erdmann Design provides product design services such as research, testing and prototyping for companies ranging from start-ups to internationally trading organisations.

This collaboration is further supported by Erdmann’s alliances with medical technology experts, engineers and industrial designers, as well as its design thinking concept, which is used to streamline the development process.

During initial market research, Erdmann Design assists with the creation of ergonomic prototypes. These are used to discover and solve problems resulting in design optimisation.

Erdmann Design uses the design thinking strategy to enhance networking and interaction between engineers.

The company encourages open and frequent communication with clients for idea generation.

Erdmann Design helps development teams explore concepts to develop smart products that accentuate positive user experiences through human-centred design.

Corporate strategy development services

Design thinking helps generate and enhance corporate strategy development, delivering high-value competitive products through an integrated approach.

Erdmann Design supports solutions-driven ideas that strengthen clients’ products and operations.

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About Erdmann Design

The company has more than four decades of experience in usability and engineering processes, as well as market considerations. Its comprehensive support and innovative methods help clients build growth plans that clearly reflect their firm’s corporate identity.

Erdmann Design aims to help medical technology companies maintain fast cycles of innovation to increase competition and industry growth. The company has received more than 50 awards in the last four decades, including the Good Design Award in Japan, Red Dot, IF Hannover, Good Design USA and Swiss Design.

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Press Release

Erdmann Design’s Identity Establishing Brand Development Model SOPHI

SOPHI was designed using Erdmann Design's model for identity establishing brand development accompanying human-centred design.

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SOPHI: Identity Establishing Brand Development

It proves extremely useful to already deal with brand development at an early stage and professionally.

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Press Release

18 April 2019

SOPHI was designed using Erdmann Design's model for identity establishing brand development accompanying human-centred design.

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Erdmann Design

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+41 56 460 9 460

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