Join Avéma Pharma Solutions for a free webinar on Choosing & Managing a CDMO. The webinar is available on demand. Avéma Pharma Solutions, a division of PL Developments (PLD), is in the unique position being both a consumer and supplier of global CDMO services for both OTC and Rx products. In this webinar, Avéma explores the lessons we have learned from managing our own CMOs that have allowed us to build a better CDMO model for our Avéma customers. We’ll address the areas that can help speed up your time-to-market, keep development costs under control, and smooth the FDA approval and commercial launch process.

Over the years, PLD has used CMOs to augment our own in-house manufacturing to help support our Private Label business. But, after adding a book of products and business from our acquisition of TEVA’s store brands business in 2019, we were suddenly managing the more than thirty CMOs that supported TEVA’s needs. That process, plus our experience on-boarding new customers at Avéma, has given us empathy about the challenges and insights into what makes a good partnership. The webinar will cover what to look for in a CDMO, and how putting the right parameters in place at the beginning of a client-CDMO relationship, reduces risk and improves communications.

Some of the “pain points” addressed during the webinar, include:

  • Preventing miscommunications and errors through a detailed RFQ process
  • Reducing scale up errors by using small scale manufacturing instead of “bench top” equipment.
  • Reducing cost and time by not having to rely on commercial size equipment “scaled down” to run pilot trials.
  • Reducing lead time by doing most analytical and tech transfer with “in house” resources
  • Keeping component costs down by drawing on the buying power and resources of a CDMO with an extensive network.
  • Streamlining FDA approvals through QbD implementation.