Patheon is a leading provider of contract pharmaceutical development services and commercial manufacturing. Patheon has three white papers available for download free of charge from Pharmaceutical Technology.

The first, ‘Drug Development: Parallel Screening’, explores the concept of parallel screening, a cost-effective way of selecting a suitable drug delivery system to enhance the chance of achieving bioavailability targets.

In ‘Disposable Technologies For Fill-Finish of Clinical-Trial Materials’, Patheon examines the use and advantages of disposable technologies in the fill-finish of sterile biopharmaceutical products and how these technologies can reduce costs and development time for clinical-trial materials.

Finally, ‘Formulation Strategies for Poorly Soluble Drugs’ addresses the formulation strategies for poorly soluble drugs put forward in an open forum organised by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Formulation Design & Development (FDD) section.

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