On the occasion of CPhI, Pierre Fabre Medicament, Active Ingredients Division, will present its innovative technology enabling the development of poorly-soluble APIs. PFM has developed an extensive expertise in solubility enhancement of molecules exhibiting a low bioavailability.

RESS, SAS processes used to manufacture nanoparticles and API/cyclodextrin complexation are carried out under SuperCritical CO2 conditions. The technology is environmentally friendly and mild since we avoid the use of organic solvents and the treatment conditions are 40°C, 200 bar.

The presentation will be held at CphI on November, 2nd at 2:20pm or visit our stand 8G38 Hall 8. In the coming months, Pierre Fabre Medicament-Active Ingredients Division will attend the hereunder events :

Pabord: September 14-15th (London, UK)

CPhI : November 1st-3rd (Madrid, Spain)

BioEurope : November 7th-9th (Dresden, Germany)