Agitators, Vacuum Contact Dryers and Vertical Mixers

48 Spruce Street,
07446 New Jersey,
United States of America

48 Spruce Street,
07446 New Jersey,
United States of America

EKATO is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial agitators, reactors, mechanical seals, vacuum process mixers and dryers.

Solid blenders and dryers

The company offers SOLIDMIX mixers and dryers for solids, UNIMIX vacuum process mixing systems, and NANOMIX high-pressure homogenisers for pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

EKATO has experience of process engineering consultation, pilot plant tests from 3l-1,000l, planning, construction and delivery of mixing and drying systems, as well as installation, start-up and after-sales care.

EKATO processes bulk solids, which includes drying, mixing, granulation, melting, heating, cooling, and wetting.

Experienced specialists design, develop and supply equipment, systems and modules for process requirements.

In addition, the company offers process engineering advice, pilot-plant testing and reliable scale-up to commercial dimensions, and design, manufacture and supply of mixing and drying systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Vacuum contact dryers for fluid and viscous products

The vertical process dryer, SOLIDMIX VPT, is a vacuum contact machine for fluid, viscous and paste-like products, with patented EKATO ISOPAS impeller to ensure perfect blending.

Features include minimal clearance between the agitator and vessel to keep the walls clear. The product moves upwards near the wall and flows downwards at the centre.

The vacuum can be used for specialty chemicals, polymers, and pharmaceutical products.

A vertical dryer for solids, SOLIDMIX VST is a vacuum contact dryer for free-flowing and bulk solids. The dryer features a free overhung shaft, which prevents contact between the product and the bearing unit.

Similar to the SOLIDMIX VPT, a minimal distance between the agitator and vessel is ensured to keep the wall clear, and the product moves upwards near the wall, and flows downwards at the centre.

SOLIDMIX VST can be used for drying wet filter cake from centrifuges, shear-sensitive powders or crystals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as polymers and specialty chemicals.

Vacuum and vertical mixers for blending APIs and fine chemicals

SOLIDMIX VPM is a vacuum mixer for fluid, viscous and paste-like products, with patented EKATO ISOPAS impeller for perfect blending.

The mixer can be used to blend free-flowing solids such as fine chemicals, pigments, APIs, as well as products with difficult flow properties, or a pronounced breaking phase.

SOLIDMIX VSM, a vertical mixer for solids, is a positive displacement mixer for free-flowing and bulk solids.

The mixer has a free overhung shaft to prevent the product from touching the bearing unit, and can be applied to fine chemicals, pigments, fertilisers, metal powders, and polymer additives.

EKATO provides state-of-the-art mixing systems and process plants for pharmaceutical markets. The scope varies from single units to complete turnkey installations, including full automation and GMP compliant execution.

UNIMIX SRC and UNIMIX SRA mixers are designed for the production of creams, ointments, and emulsions. The system is patented with PARAVISC impeller with homogeniser S-JET or S-JET/V. The homogeniser is positioned vertically, directly at the lowest point in the vessel, and includes a hydraulic liftable lid.

The mixers process 3l-10,000l, and are ideal for formulated consumer products.

Mixers for the production of pharmaceuticals

Pilot plant mixer UNIMIX SRT is designed for product and process development of small batches of creams, ointments, and emulsions.

The mixer features a PARAVISC impeller with homogeniser S-JET or S-JET/V, a cover lifting device, an integrated control cabinet and an operator panel.

NANOMIX is a high-pressure homogeniser for nanoemulsions, which can be applied to nanoscale APIs and ointments.

EKATO’s formulated consumer products focus on body care, adhesives, sealants, and insulating compounds.

A mixer for product and process development, UNIMIX LM is ideal for the production of small batches of pharmaceuticals. Data for production processes are collected, which represents a base for future productions and scale-up.

Parameters such as speed, temperature and pressure can be set as variables, and the design and geometry correspond to the production scale.

High-pressure homogenisers

EKATO provides homogenisers UNIMIX S-JET and UNIMIX S-JET/V. The S-JET homogeniser was designed for general homogenising tasks and meets stringent requirements in solids dispersion.

Designed for internal homogenisation within the vessel and external homogenisation using a recirculation line, it also features changeover from 100% internal to 100% external homogenising via magnetic actuators.

Large amounts of powder drawn directly into the homogeniser enables shorter process times with high product quality.

The special design creates high-pressure for circulation and discharge of high viscous products, and requires no additional pumps, as the homogeniser is used for discharging products or as a CIP-pump.

Additional features include radial exit nozzles to avoid the creation of a vortex during internal homogenisation, even at low liquid levels.

The S-JET homogeniser conducts direct suction of liquids and solids into the shear zone, ensuring instantaneous wetting and dispersion, which can also be used for hot / cold processing or dilution of surfactants.

A double-active sterile mechanical seal cartridge is included for easy removal, with an atomated seal liquid supply system with pressure and level control.


HOT / COLD is a state-of-the-art solution for emulsions with fat and water phases, with immediate emulsifying of both phases using EKATO S-JET homogeniser technology.


The EKATO SYSTEMS vacuum processing units are suited for a wide range of applications, mixing and homogenising of liquids or high viscous materials, as well as for mixing and drying of solids.


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