Suzhou Pharma Services

Solid Dose Contract Development and Commercial Manufacturing

9 Polito Avenue Suite 900,
07071 New Jersey,
United States of America

9 Polito Avenue Suite 900,
07071 New Jersey,
United States of America

US-based Suzhou Pharma Services provides contract development and commercial manufacturing services. We specialise in solid oral dosage forms and our manufacturing facility, located in Suzhou, China, has FDA approval and a Chinese SFDA license.

With our Western pharmaceutical experience, expertise and quality standards, along with our Chinese productivity and cost advantages, we can offer an attractive value proposition to our global customers in the areas of:

  • Formulation and analytical development
  • Clinical trial material manufacturing and packaging
  • Process scale-up, optimisation and technical transfer
  • Material sourcing and regulatory services
  • Commercial manufacturing
  • Packaging solutions

Solid oral dosage manufacturing

Our team of highly experienced, trained leaders are well-equipped to handle your commercial contract manufacturing for a variety of solid oral dosage forms, batch sizes, processing specifications and technical transfer requirements, including:

  • Immediate release, extended release and modified release tablets and capsules
  • Bi-layer tablets
  • Coated granules, beads and pellets
  • Aqueous and solvent processing
  • Granulation, blending, fluid-bed drying, compression and film coating
  • Encapsulation
  • Finished bottle, blister package and labelling solutions

Pharmaceutical development services

At Suzhou Pharma Services, our expert staff provides innovative and reliable solutions for your solid dose development needs, under the highest levels of quality and customer service standards available in the drug development industry.

Suzhou Pharma’s customer service and project teams are based in the US, facilitating all interactions and acting as a conduit for client communications. Our pharmaceutical development team offers:

  • Dedicated development suites
  • Development according to cGMP standards
  • Lab scale and clinical trial material development and packaging
  • Process development, optimisation and tech transfer
  • Analytical development and validation
  • Stability studies to ICH guidelines
  • Raw materials selection and sourcing

Cost-effective and high-quality pharmaceutical solutions

Suzhou Pharma Services delivers not only cost savings and high-quality products for Western and global markets, but also a local manufacturing solution for access to the growing Chinese pharmaceutical marketplace.

As one of the first FDA-approved facilities in China, and part of an elite group of Chinese SFDA-certified solid dose manufacturing facilities, Suzhou Pharma Services is ready to take on your next development and manufacturing project.

To discuss your next outsourcing project and learn more about the cost advantages of contract manufacturing in China, please complete the enquiry form below.

CMOs and Final Dosage Manufacturing in China

CMOs offer a wide array of manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biopharma industries. These services can range from production of small quantities of materials for R&D purposes, larger amounts for clinical study usage and ultimately full-scale production for commercial purposes.

Suzhou Pharma Services Receives Latest SFDA GMP Certification

Suzhou Pharma Services, a contract development and manufacturing organisation has received the latest 2010 cGMP certification from the Chinese SFDA for their development and manufacturing facility located in the Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, China.

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