ICPSI Cartridge Pump Systems - Pharmaceutical Technology
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ICPSI Cartridge Pump Systems

Pfeiffer Cartridge Pump Systems (CPS) represent a new generation of dispensing systems for both preserved and unpreserved solutions.

The cartridge family offers a nasal spray pump, as well as pumps for topical, oral and aural application.

The CPS are a direct response to increasing customer demands for flexibility and performance. As a result, the CPS solve the multiple challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing nowadays.

Key benefits include:

  • Suitable for unpreserved formulations
  • Metal-free fluid path – a solution for oxidising formulations
  • Tip seal technology – prevents clogging of the actuator
  • Supports formulation stability through protection against contamination and low weight loss
  • Possibility of 360° application for patients needing assistance
  • State-of-the-art dispensing performance – priming, dose accuracy, spray pattern, droplet size distribution

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