High Sample Throughput with Various Features

With HTR 3000, conduct fully automated rheological measurements of up to 250 samples a day with Anton Paar’s MCR 102e or MCR 302e rheometers. It’s ideal for concentric cylinder and other relative measuring geometries. Automated measurements guarantee highly accurate, reproducible results, and the small benchtop size saves you much-needed lab space.

Although our standard model covers most needs, we offer a range of feature upgrades to meet your requirements and produce individual configurations (eg. for the automotive, paint, food, and personal care industries). Customised adaptations are available upon request.


  • Fully automated, 24/7 operation means no downtime and maximum productivity
  • Storage capacity of up to 54 samples, which gives you increased walkaway time and higher throughput
  • Automated cleaning of the upper measurement geometry
  • Enhanced cleaning station for challenging samples
  • Full traceability and transparency with barcode scanners
  • Cooled rack for consistent sample conditions
  • pH station provides additional sample analysis
  • Pre-tempering unit increases throughput
  • Priority drawer for urgent measurements
  • Easy handling and direct data transfer eliminate errors

We have years of experience in automated rheology configurations. Choose HTR 3000 and be sure that your instruments and systems are seamlessly compatible.

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