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The Microplate Reader Company

BMG LABTECH is a leading developer and manufacturer of microplate reader instrumentation for high-throughput screening, as well as for other life science applications in academic and pharmaceutical research.

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BMG LABTECH is a leading developer and manufacturer of microplate reader instrumentation for high-throughput screening, as well as for other life science applications in academic and pharmaceutical research.

Gold-standard for HTS microplate readers

If you’re looking for the fastest, most sensitive microplate reader, consider the PHERAstar FS. The PHERAstar FS is the ultimate multimode microplate reader for HTS labs, core / academic facilities, and assay development. Based on the highly successful PHERAstar Plus platform, while having many unique features that separate it from its predecessor, the PHERAstar FS is capable of performing assays not possible on other microplate readers.

It has BMG LABTECH’s unique Tandem Technology, an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer (220nm-1,000nm) for absorbance measurements and highly sensitive, filter-based detection for other modes, which include fluorescence intensity, FRET, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET UV/Vis absorbance, AlphaScreen®, and luminescence.

Proprietary technology greatly enhances many applications, including: two dedicated lasers for AlphaScreen® and TR-FRET based assays; specialized dual emission optics for 3456-well microplate capability; on-board reagent injectors for precise kinetic assays; and advanced direct optic bottom reading for cell-based assays. Furthermore, the PHERAstar FS is optimized for the most demanding HTS assays including HTRF®, LanthaScreen®, Transcreener®, LANCE®, DELFIA®, GeneBLAzer®, AlphaScreen®, and BRET.

PHERAstar FS – the fastest, most sensitive microplate reader for HTS and core laboratories.
SPECTROstar Nano - microplate, cuvette UV / Vis absorbance reader with an ultra-fast CCD-based spectrometer.
POLARstar Omega – multimode microplate reader with an ultra-fast CCD-based spectrometer for UV / Vis absorbance.
FLUOstar OPTIMA – upgradable, proven multimode microplate reader.
NOVOstar – multimode microplate reader with plate-to-plate transfer for cell-based kinetic assays such as calcium flux.
NEPHELOstar Plus laser-based microplate nephelometer for measuring light-scattering.
Atmospheric control unit (ACU) - fully regulated independent control of both O2 and CO2 levels within the read chamber.
PHERAstar Plus - a unique combination of features to support all major existing applications as well as future needs.
LUMIstar Omega - high-performance microplate luminometer upgradeable to powerful multimode reader.
The CLARIOstar is a multimode microplate reader that features advanced LVF monochromators, a high-speed spectrometer and ultra-sensitive filters.

Absorbance reader with an ultra-fast CCD spectrometer

Using microplates, cuvettes, or low volume samples, the SPECTROstar Nano is capable of measuring full absorbance spectra (220nm – 1,000nm) at resolutions down to 1nm in less than one second per well. With BMG LABTECH’s proprietary CCD-based spectrometer, full spectrum absorbance measurements can be taken as quickly as a single wavelength.

Fast, full spectrum analysis provides measurement possibilities that were not before possible and it can improve all assays, including ELISAs, DNA/RNA quantification, and enzyme kinetics. Able to measure all microplates up to 1536-wells, standard cuvettes, and low volume samples using the LVis low volume plate, the SPECTROstar Nano is the perfect absorbance microplate reader for any laboratory.

Multimode microplate reader with a CCD spectrometer

The Omega series of life science microplate readers is the first line of multimode microplate readers with Tandem Technology, which entails using a spectrometer for absorbance and filters for other detection modes. Having a proprietary CCD-based spectrometer, a full absorbance spectrum (220nm – 1,000nm) can be captured at a resolution of 1nm in less than 1 second per well. This is at least ten times faster and at a ten times higher resolution than the fastest monochromator-based instrument.

Capable of using all microplate formats up to 1536-well, the Omega line is comprised of the SPECTROstar Omega, a spectrophotometer; the LUMIstar Omega, a luminometer; the FLUOstar Omega, a multi-detection microplate reader (fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET [including HTRF® and LanthaScreen®], AlphaScreen®, high-performance luminescence, and UV/Vis absorbance); and the POLARstar Omega, a multi-detection plate reader with simultaneous dual emission (SDE) and fluorescence polarization detection mode.

Due to the absolute modular concept, the SPECTROstar Omega, LUMIstar Omega and FLUOstar Omega are entirely upgradeable to include additional measurement modes when the need arrives.

Upgradable multimode microplate readers

If you are searching for a sensitive, flexible, proven microplate reader with kinetic capabilities at a great price, the OPTIMA microplate reader is the optimal solution for academic and pharmaceutical research. The FLUOstar OPTIMA multimode microplate reader offers four measurement modes: fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, and absorbance. It can also be upgraded to the POLARstar OPTIMA with fluorescence polarization and simultaneous dual emission for FRET and BRET applications. The LUMIstar OPTIMA is a fully upgradeable luminometer for flash and glow type luminescence assays.

All OPTIMA microplate readers can be equipped with top and bottom reading, incubation, shaking, and two on-board reagent injectors for kinetic assays such as DLR®.

Light-scattering microplate nephelometer for solubility screening

Offering a rapid method to test drug/compound solubility, bacterial and fungal growth, macromolecule quantification, and immunocomplex formation, the NEPHELOstar Plus measures forward scattered light of turbid samples in a microplate format. The NEPHELOstar Plus is the world’s only laser-based nephelometer, out-performing halogen lamp-based units both in sensitivity and reproducibility.

High-performance microplate reader with advanced LVF monochromators, spectrometer and filters

The CLARIOstar is a multimode microplate reader with new advanced LVF monochromators, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast spectrometer.

The CLARIOstar is a modular microplate reader with all major detection modes:

  • Fluorescence intensity
  • FRET
  • Fluorescence polarisation
  • Time-resolved fluorescence
  • Luminescence
  • BRET
  • UV / Vis absorbance
  • AlphaScreen® /AphaLISA®

Advanced LVF monochromators and filter selector system

Perfect for measuring and developing fluorescence assays, the CLARIOstar has advanced LVF monochromators for flexibility that can be used in combination with filters for greater sensitivity. The advanced LVF monochromators, having continually adjustable wavelengths (320nm to 850nm) and bandwidths (8nm to 100nm) for excitation and emission, have significantly increased performance over conventional monochromators giving them filter-like performance.

As well as continually adjustable bandwidths up to 100nm, BMG LABGTECH’s Advanced LVF Monochromators have several unique features that will enhance fluorescence and luminescence assays.

As mentioned, the LVF monochromators can be used in combination with filters in the same measurement test, filters can be used for excitation while the LVF monochromators can be used for emission, or vice versa. In addition, highly sensitive emission scanning in both fluorescence and luminescence assays can be performed at concentrations lower than conventional monochromators.

Technology for enhancing science assays

In addition to its advanced LVF monochromators for fluorescence and luminescence assays, the CLARIOstar has technology that enhances other life science assays. Rapid, full spectrum UV/Vis absorbance (220nm to 1,000nm) is performed with BMG LABTECH’s proprietary ultra-fast spectrometer (<1 sec/well).

AlphaScreen® and AlphaLISA® measurements are improved with a dedicated, high energy Laser. Kinetic and cell-based assays can be initiated with precise reagent injectors. While an integrated fluorophore library in the control software simplifies assay development and assay set up.

Upcoming Webinar – Developing and Optimising Cell-based Microplate Assays

Looking to perform a microplate cell-based assay for the first time or would like to develop a higher throughput for your current cell-based assay? On November 28th at noon EST a webinar will be hosted by Drug Discovery and Development and BMG LABTECH, the Microplate Reader Company, to discuss developing and optimising cell-based assays in a microplate format.

26 November 2012

The Microplate Reader Durable Enough to Withstand Changes in Gravity

Studying the physiological effects of gravity fluctuations on plants, researchers at the University of Tuebingen in Germany use BMG LABTECH's POLARstar microplate reader in parabolic flights. It is known that light and gravity are the two most important factors in helping plants determine where top and bottom are.

17 October 2012

New Technologies that Enhance Cell-based and Label-Free Microplate Assays Will Be Highlighted at Miptec 2012

BMG LABTECH is proud to be a silver sponsor of the annual Miptec meeting in Basel, Switzerland from 24 - 27 September 2012. The microplate reader company will showcase its newest technology at Miptec 2012, detailing how this technology greatly enhances applications. Stop by booth #A22 to see unique and proprietary microplate reader technology that separates BMG LABTECH instruments from all of the rest.

10 September 2012

BMG LABTECH Develops New Microplate Reader, the NEPHELOstar Plus

BMG LABTECH is proud to announce the newest addition to its family of microplate readers, the NEPHELOstar Plus. The NEPHELOstar Plus is the world's only laser-based nephelometer that measures light-scattering in a microplate based environment.

25 June 2012

BMG LABTECH to Present Newest HTS Technology at ELA 2012

In Hamburg, Germany, from 30 until 31 May, BMG LABTECH, a microplate reader company, will showcase its newest technology at the European Lab Automation (ELA) 2012. Stop by booth number 120 to see unique and proprietary microplate reader technology that separates BMG LABTECH from the rest.

20 May 2012

Join BMG LABTECH at MipTec 2011

BMG LABTECH will be highlighting its innovative microplate reader solutions, exhibiting scientific posters and presenting a symposium at MipTec 2011 in Basel, Switzerland, from 20-22 September 2011. Join BMG LABTECH, DiscoveRx and Labcyte for a technology symposium on 20 September from

15 September 2011

BMG LABTECH Announces Final Winner of SPECTROstar Nano Competition

When treating cancer, it is now common to use the body's immune system to help fight the cancer. Some people have been shown to produce an immune response to different cancers and research into these immune responses has led to treatments that use antibodies, interleukin, interferon, TNF, etc.

31 July 2011


BMG LABTECH, the microplate reader company, launched a mobile-device optimised website today which was developed specifically for users of smartphones (such as the iPhone, Android and Blackberry) as well as other wireless devices. BMG LABTECH's mobile website is designed with a similar

5 June 2011

BMG LABTECH to Hold Workshops at SBS Conference 2011

BMG LABTECH, world leader in microplate reader technology, is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the SBS Conference 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Visit us at booth 807 and join us at our workshops to see latest innovations in microplate reading technology, including the SPECTROstar Nano, which can insta

21 March 2011

BMG LABTECH Sets First Deadline in its SPECTROstar Nano Competition

Redefine your absorbance assays with a free SPECTROstar Nano microplate reader from BMG LABTECH. To celebrate the launch of the new SPECTROstar Nano, BMG LABTECH is offering you the chance to receive one of five free SPECTROstar Nano absorbance microplate readers. Each one is equipped w

6 March 2011

BMG LABTECH to Attend LabAutomation 2011 Conference

Experience instant capture of a full UV/Vis spectrum (220nm – 1,000nm) in low-volume samples, microplates and cuvettes with the new SPECTROstar Nano. Ultra-fast full spectrum analysis, multimode shaking, incubation, kinetic readings, well scanning, automated path length correction, a gas vent and

16 January 2011

FLUOstar Omega Named Drug Discovery Product of the Year 2010

BMG LABTECH is proud to announce that the FLUOstar Omega multimode microplate reader has received the award for 'Drug Discovery Product of the Year 2010'. This is a special honour as it is an independent users' choice award voted by the international scientific community via Select Science.

22 September 2010

BMG LABTECH Introduces a Revolution in Absorbance Reading – SPECTROstar Nano

Experience the future of microplate reader technology today with the new SPECTROstar Nano. This ultra-fast, full-spectrum absorbance microplate reader with cuvette port is perfect for all absorbance assays. Its rapid full-spectrum analysis at a resolution of 1nm allows for absorbance assays never

2 September 2010


The Analytical & Life Science Systems Association (ALSSA) board of directors recently approved applications for membership submitted by BMG LABTECH. Based in Cary, North Carolina, BMG LABTECH is a leading developer and global manufacturer of microplate reader instrumentation with a wide rang

25 March 2010

The Microplate Reader Company – Automation at its Best

BMG LABTECH - the microplate reader company - was recently featured in the article 'Automation at its Best' in Laboratory Equipment magazine. In this article EJ Dell explains how BMG LABTECH instruments, escpecially the mulitdetection HTS microplate reader PHERAstar FS, can be easily integ

18 January 2010

BMG LABTECH to Sponsor and Present Workshops at LabAutomation 2010

BMG LABTECH, a platinum sponsor of the LabAutomation 2010 conference, will present two workshops and a scientific poster at this prestigious meeting. The first workshop (Minimise Common Errors Associated with High-Throughput Screening Detection - The New PHERAstar FS is the Next Genera

13 January 2010

Fast and Efficient PARP Inhibitor Screening with the FLUOstar Omega

PARP inhibitors have recently been pushed to the forefront of many avenues of cancer research. Poly ADP-ribosylation is a post-translational modification of proteins that plays a crucial role in regulating DNA repair. Polymerases (PARP) catalyse the reaction with the help of NAD+. PARP inhibitors

5 July 2009

The Most Flexible Just Got More Flexible

The new Omega microplate reader: Another level of flexibility BMG LABTECH announces the new Omega family of multifunction microplate readers with high resolution, full UV/Vis spectrometer based absorbance. This new family of readers combines all of the speed, sensitivity and flex

22 November 2007


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