Contract Manufacturer and Developer of Pharmaceutical Equipment

Calle de Sant Martí, s/n, , Nave 1-4 08107, Martorelles (Barcelona), Spain

Calle de Sant Martí, s/n, , Nave 1-4 08107, Martorelles (Barcelona), Spain

INOX TORRES is a contract manufacturer and developer of high-quality pharmaceutical equipment that specialises in working with metals such as AISI-316L and AISI-304 grade stainless-steel, Duplex stainless-steel, and other special alloys.

INOX TORRES’ equipment is custom-made to meet clients’ requirements, with a wide range of options and configurations available.

Sterilisation equipment

INOX TORRES designs, manufactures, installs and commissions steam and super-heated water autoclaves and ethylene oxide sterilisers (ETO) for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company’s equipment meets the most stringent directives of the medical industry, including ATEX 95 (94/9/CE), ATEX 137 (99/92/CE) and ISO 11135 for ETO chambers, as well as 97/23CE and EN-285 for steam autoclaves.

Automated process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry

INOX TORRES’ automated process equipment includes reactors, clean-in-place (CIP) systems, good manufacturing practice (GMP) melters, condensers, heat exchangers, distiller units and Nutsche filters.

INOX TORRES’ automated CIP systems are designed to meet the sterilisation requirements of medical process plant equipment, including tanks, delivery systems and heat exchangers. The units optimise energy and service consumption and are easily integrated into a pre-existing line.

INOX TORRES uses its understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and client requirements to provide a fully automated solution to facilitate start-up and qualification tasks.

The company’s solutions are easy-to-install, compact and versatile, integrating all of the required components for process control and monitoring.

INOX TORRES’ stainless-steel equipment is made using different welding methods such as orbital welding using tungsten inert gas (TIG) and submerged arc welding. The company also provides a wide range of internal finishes, from polished mirror finishes with a surface roughness (Ra) of less than 0.4μm to electropolish finishes.

The equipment is tested and validated according to the most stringent quality protocols.

Installation and maintenance services for the pharmaceutical industry

INOX TORRES designs and installs complete utilities (clean and black), including pumps, valves, electric panels and programmable logic controller (PLC) control, as well as touchscreen supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring.

These utilities are made using orbital welding techniques, or manual techniques if orbital is not possible due to space limitations.

The most common facilities are clean and dirty steam loops, product facility conveyors, demineralised water loops, water for injection (WFI) and purified water (PW) loops.


Calle de Sant Martí, s/n,

Nave 1-4 08107

Martorelles (Barcelona)


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