LAUDA Presents Temperature Control Solutions at ANALYTICA

LAUDA has announced it will be presenting its portfolio of modern temperature control technology under a completely redesigned trade fair appearance expressing the new LAUDA Corporate Design.

The showcased modern temperature control technology includes the latest circulation thermostats from the PRO line.

In Hall B2, Booth 502, trade visitors will experience the entire spectrum of perfect temperature control on 108m2. Under this title, LAUDA combines all equipment lines from water baths to process thermostats of the Integral XT series.

LAUDA presented its comprehensive new brand image at the end of 2017, placing the internationally used degree sign for temperature measurement with a red-blue colour gradient at the heart of the brand’s presence. The confident claim °FAHRENHEIT.

CELSIUS. °LAUDA conveys that LAUDA is the partner for precise temperature control.
The new brand presentation, which will be presented to the trade public for the first time at ANALYTICA 2018, was created in close cooperation with the renowned Munich agency Martin et Karczinski.

President and CEO, Dr Gunther Wobser says: “The new brand image implements our LAUDA mission statement in a modern, visual form.

“The logo unambiguously highlights the company’s core competence, the development of intelligent and innovative temperature control solutions for virtually every application, and underscores our claim to be the world’s leading provider of accurate temperature control with liquids”.

Professional temperature control for a variety of applications

This year, special attention will be given to the new PRO cooling circulation thermostats with cooling capacity up to 1.5kW and temperatures from -90°C to 200°C.

The models RP 290 E and RP 290 EC with a cooling capacity of 0.8kW are ideal for external low-temperature applications. The models RP 250 E and RP 250 EC offer almost doubled cooling capacity with 1.5kW.

Typical applications include the testing of automotive batteries in electromobility and applications in other areas where rapid temperature changes are required. The LAUDA PRO devices all have a detachable control unit in the versions Base or Command Touch. The latter is equipped with a 5.7in touchscreen that allows touch, wipe and zoom operation even with gloves.

Another highlight of the LAUDA fair appearance is the LAUDA LOOP. The compact and versatile temperature control unit works completely without any refrigerant. The cooling capacity of 4°C to 80°C is achieved by the circulation thermostat using Peltier technology. Thus, the LOOP is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly addition to the LAUDA portfolio and thanks to its small dimensions, finds its place almost everywhere.

Well prepared for the future

The LAUDA Group generated total sales of around €80 million in the 2017 financial year, with LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG headquartered in Germany alone accounting for €60 million. A total of 430 employees work at the location in Lauda-Königshofen and the twelve foreign subsidiaries.

One topic that the family-owned company is intensively investigating is digitisation.

Dr Gunther Wobser explains: “Digitalisation is changing people and work alike and will continue to gain momentum with the establishment of Big Data or Artificial Intelligence.

“We want to actively shape the digital transformation in our industry. The newly founded LAUDA Innovation Lab, based in Silicon Valley, will support us in this regard as a source of inspiration from the world’s most important location for the IT and high-tech industry.”

In order to further advance digitalisation within the LAUDA Group, the headquarters in Lauda-Königshofen created an independent digital division at the beginning of the year. This sees the family-owned company well prepared for the digital transformation and the associated challenges.

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