NRD LLC produces a complete line of anti-static devices designed specifically for precision weighing applications in pharmaceutical laboratory environments.

The complete line of static control devices includes alpha and corona ionizers for bench-top and in-chamber usage.

Static elimination devices for the pharmaceutical industry

One of the leading causes of inaccurate measurements when using an analytical balance is the presence of static electric charge, especially when precision to the sub-milligram level is imperative.

NRD offers a range of static elimination products suitable when measuring fine powders, particulates and other small samples.

The 2U500 microbalance ioniser gets rid of ‘fly-away’ powders.
The company provides the Duostat BF2-1000, which removes static charges outside of the chamber.
Mini-fan ionisers eradicate static charges from vials and test tubes.
The bar ionizer removes static from interior and exterior surfaces of irregularly shaped objects.
ESD Workstation Kit ensures lab technicians are not contributing to the problem of static charge.

These products can remove static charge from actual samples, as well as from the transfer media such filter paper, weigh boats and vials.

Ionizers for weighing fine powders and fibers

The Staticmaster ionizing cartridges, models 2U500 and 1U400, can easily be mounted on any internal surface of the weigh chamber using NRD’s E-Z Mount cartridge holders.

They are the only self-powered static eliminators that offer ‘zero-volt balance’ technology, which ensures thorough static removal for accurate measurements.

‘Fly away’ is eliminated by passing samples in front of the in-chamber ionizing cartridge. The Grounding Kit model 5060, offered separately, can significantly increase performance of the ionizing cartridge.

Mini-fan ionizer removes static charge from weigh boats and vials

NRD produces devices that are ideally suited to remove static charge from items prior to being placed in the weigh chamber.

The mini-fan ionizer model 4068 can be used to eliminate static from items such as plastic weigh boats, tweezers and other irregularly shaped items.

Static charge is removed from all surfaces, including the interior, of transfer media such as vials and test tubes.

Flexible positioners (models BF2-1000 and BF1-500) for the 2U500 cartridge offer another option for bench-top static removal.

NRD’s single bar ionizer, model 6015, generates a large ion cloud to accommodate various sized objects. Because no air is required to move ions away from items, it is the ideal single source solution for removing static from powders, filter papers, weigh boats and plastic spatulas.

The bar ionizer is ‘shockless’ and comes with its own power supply.

Remove static charge from pharmaceutical lab work stations

NRD also offers an ESD workstation kit that helps ensure lab technicians are not contributing to the problem of static charge.

The kit includes a 16in x 24in rubber mat with a dissipative top layer and a conductive bottom layer, a wrist strap and common point ground.

NRD has been manufacturing static elimination devices since 1969 and has grown into a worldwide leader in the field, as a result of providing safe and effective solutions with quality control.

The company’s products are tested against the strictest industry standards. All engineers and highly trained customer service representatives can help select the static control solution that is right for clients’ specific needs.