Priorcalve would like to thank all visitors who attended ACHEMA 2009, which took place in Germany last week.

Priorclave supplies autoclaves and steam sterilisers for the pharmaceuticals industry. We build, repair and design rectangular section and cylindrical laboratory autoclaves. Priorclave’s autoclaves and other sterilisation equipment are equipped with TACTROL®, a control system that enables our sterilisation models to be configured for a wide range of applications and operating cycles.

Priorclave’s range of specialised steam sterilisers includes bench-top units and large autoclaves with steam jackets and power-operated doors. Our autoclaves and steam sterilisers can be fitted with accessories that offer additional operating functions, such as drying and vacuum cycles. Our in-house design and manufacturing processes enable us to deliver autoclaves that meet precise client specifications.

Priorclave autoclaves are well in advance of current safety standards and feature the additional protection of BioCote® – a revolutionary anti-microbial coating. BioCote contains an active agent that inhibits fungal and bacterial growth as an aid to good hygienic practise.